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Career Roadmap

Let Service Learning and Career Development Help Guide Your Career Plan!

Navigating a career path without a map can be confusing. SLCD's job is to jump start your career plan and give you roadside assistance when needed. All you need to is complete the four projects below - no excuses, no procrastination!

Start with My Profile

. . . It's basically career testing to help you explain yourself and proves that people like you really do get careers - now matter how weird or normal.

Then do the other 3 things in whatever order you want:

My Career Options

. . . Did you know there are over 12,000 career options and dozens of those would probably be ideal for you? Here are some resources for you to learn about jobs and careers.

My Career Toolkit

. . . Nobody is born knowing how to write a resume or find an internship, but anybody can learn. We want you to look good out there, so peruse and practice.

My Career Connections

. . . Career is a social thing! You learn about opportunities, careers, and companies by talking to people.
This is just the beginning. If you hit some roadblocks or get a little lost in a fog, we've got your back at the SLCD.



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