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Member Guidelines and Responsibilities


Code of Conduct Campus Recreation is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for patrons. The staff will proactively intervene to support an environment where all members and guests can enjoy the facilities and programs free from the following behaviors:


Behavior and Personal Safety Patrons are expected to display acceptable social behavior while recreating in any of the Campus Recreation facilities.


Misconduct and Ejection Policy

If a participant(s) or spectator(s) in a Campus Recreation program or facility are ejected or suspended from any facility (indoor or outdoor), program, contest, or activity, they are immediately ineligible for further access or competition in any Campus Recreation program or facility until they are cleared by both Student Conduct and the Assistant Director/Director responsible for the program in which the misconduct and/or ejection occurred. Furthermore, any participant or spectator who violates Western Oregon University and/or Campus Recreation policies and procedures may also be suspended until they are cleared by the Assistant Director/Director responsible for the program in which the misconduct occurs.

It is the participant's responsibility to schedule an appointment with the appropriate Assistant Director to review their behavior and subsequent eligibility to participate in any Campus Recreation program or to utilize facilities after completing the Student Conduct requirements. Participant suspensions are determined during the meeting with the Assistant Director/Director (i.e., self-imposed penalties are not considered). Assistant Director’s decisions may be appealed to the Campus Recreation Director; however, suspensions remain in force during the appeal process. An appeal beyond the Campus Recreation Director may be made to the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Anyone who commits, incites, or aids others in committing any of the following acts of unsportsmanlike or misconduct shall be subjected to disciplinary procedures.


Clothing Standards

In an effort to promote safety, reduce the spread of communicable diseases and prevent additional wear and tear on the equipment, all members and guests must adhere to the clothing standards to participate in the HWC.


Bags and Personal Items


Bicycles and Other Wheeled Vehicles


Cell Phones and Paging


Electronic Surveillance


Photography and Video The intent of this policy is to maintain respect for the rights and privacy of our members and guests by preventing pictures without their consent. The following must be completed in order to record or take pictures within the HWC:


Disability Access






Emergencies and Evacuation Procedures


Entrance and Exit








Advertising, Solicitation and Publicity


Comments and Concerns


Lost and Found


Removal from Facility or Program


Family Changing Rooms

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