Student Engagement hires approximately 25 WOU students to serve as members of the Orientation PLUS (Peer Leaders Understanding Students) Team! PLUS Team assists incoming students during the Summer Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) days, as well as works during New Student Week to get students excited about approaching school year and help new students make meaningful connections with their fellow classmates, which is approximately 1300 new incoming and transfer students each year.

2017-18 PLUS Team Members

Madison Adrian

Madison Adrian is a junior studying elementary education. I enjoy eating, running, reading, hiking, spending time with family and friends, drinking coffee, and adventuring. I plan on graduating next year with a degree in Elementary Education. My goal then will be to serve on a year-long internship with an organization called YoungLife. Once that is done then I would love to travel and teach abroad. Programs I am involved in include NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary), Relay for Life, PLUS Team, Honors Program, Softball Intramural Team RA (Resident Assistant), ARA (Advising Resident Assistant), and PLUS Team My favorite place to eat in Monmouth is the Starduster Café. I love the giant cinnamon rolls! My favorite moment was planning a traditional on hall government and seeing all of our hard work come together. It was fun to be able to do something with friends and see others have fun as well! I would say put yourself out there. College is scary and it can be hard to make new friends- but don’t forget that everyone else is equally as nervous and scared. So be brave! I love adventures- I have gone skydiving and have also climbed a mountain! I also am very food motivated. If you have food I will most likely help you out.


Avery Bondo

Avery Bondo is a junior studying psychology minoring in Spanish and studio art I grew up with my dad being a man of many hobbies and my mom a women of many talents so I take a bit from both of them. I do not have any specific hobbies nor have I mastered any however practice many. I enjoy piano, TaeKwonDo, Cross-Country, Sketching/drawing and midnight trips to WinCo for people watching and ice-cream. At this time in my life what I know is that I no matter where I go, I want to impact those around me for the better. I have always known I wanted to do something in the psychology field as it has interested me from a young age. I am heading towards child counseling at the moment and my final goal is to work in an elementary school. However, if I take my path of interest in teaching, I will go on to get my PHD in Social Psychology and teach at the college level, hopefully back here at Western. From the start of the year I have been involved in Hall Government as Historian (Heritage dominates!). I wanted to always feel close to those on campus and that is why I chose that job. I like to stay focused on school even amongst the struggles of life, and doing so I have obtained a GPA high enough to be on honor role. Never let anyone tell you can’t do something, because you can prove them wrong. I have worked at Kohl’s for almost 2 years now. Summer of 2016 I worked at a Summer Food and Fun program for Geller and Silvis. And now I have the honor of being on PLUS team!! I LOVE Yeasty Beasty. My favorite moment was one night during first term before I was really close with my hall mates there was a couple of us in the bathroom getting ready for bed. I reached for my mouth wash and as I brought it to my mouth SOMEHOW it spilled all over my whole face. I had no idea what happened and everyone in the bathroom was laughing including myself. The worst part was getting it up my nose (10/10 would not recommend) and I loved how from that moment on I was known as the girl who spilled mouth wash by a few and now it is big joke among myself and my hall mates. Make sure that you know yourself and are thinking about what you need specifically when registering for classes. If you don’t do well in the morning, DO NOT take an 8am class. Take it light first term, enjoy the experience and stay focused. Also, remember as you get into higher level classes, they do get harder. My favorite quote is “Success often comes to those who are too busy to look for it.” I didn’t really understand this at first, but it means that if you were working hard and were too busy to try to succeed, you will.


Alexander Buschauer

Alexander Buschauer is a sophomore studying biology and psychology. I like to hike, watch TV shows on Netflix or Hulu, be outdoors, play with my cat, and play video games. I would like to go into the Forest Service. My idea right now is to become a Forester at the State or Private level and stay in Oregon or Washington. I also like to go to the gym every once in a while. I’m a cashier at the WOU Bookstore. My favorite place to eat in Monmouth is Yang’s. My favorite part of new student week was the Hypnotist event by leaps and bounds. It was absolutely hilarious, and it was crazy to ask the people who were hypnotized what it was like. Nobody I talked to had the slightest idea of what they did while up on the stage! My advice for new students? Have confidence! Everyone around you is in the same or similar situation as you starting out so don’t be afraid to meet and talk to them! I’ve done a bunch of different martial arts. But my forte is Taekwondo, which I have a 2nd degree black belt in!


Juan Chairez Casas

Juan Chairez Casas is a junior who is fluent in Spanish majoring in Business and minoring in Economics. Some of my hobbies and interest include various activities outside, such as hiking, running, backpacking, and Mt. Biking. I also enjoy watching Track & Field and Cross Country. I am a first generation student. I am the youngest of three older brothers, and I am an uncle. If you know me well, I have an addiction to Cheetos. I know, very unhealthy. I plan on getting a bachelor’s of science in business with a focus in accounting and a minor in economics. I plan on getting my MBA out of state, and pursuing my career goal of becoming a Certified Public Accountant. Multicultural Student Union, Multicultural Representatives, Diversity Scholar, and Running Club. Multicultural Representatives Coordinator at the Multicultural Student Services & Programs. My favorite place to eat in Monmouth is Yeasty Beasty. My favorite moment in my first year at WOU was probably new student week! Specifically, the “Hypnotist” event. I met many people who are my friends today. Get out of your comfort zone! By doing so you will meet new people, network, find your passions, and discover yourself. Take advantage of the resources around you, and ask questions.


Monica Cerda Ortiz

Monica Cerda Ortiz is a sophomore who is in fluent in Spanish and is minoring in Education and Spanish. I am interested in learning sign language. I enjoy hiking, tennis, traveling, and taking my dog to the park. I have a Yorkie. My academic plans are to be involved in leadership roles on campus and graduate as a Bilingual Teacher Scholar. Things I am involved in include, Discover Leadership, MSU (Multicultural Student Union), M.E.Ch.A, MCR, Unidos, Ed club, and PLUS Team. My favorite place to eat in Monmouth is Main Street Ice cream parlor. Attending SOAR was one of the best moments of my first year because it was fun and I got to meet a lot of new friends. You can meet a lot of new people by attending clubs and events. Don’t be afraid to take a leadership role on campus because it is very rewarding and you will learn a lot about yourself. Don’t take too many credits your first term. Be prepared for unexpected Oregon weather.


Austin Davis

Austin Davis is a senior majoring in criminal justice and minoring in humanities. I have many hobbies. I enjoy playing video games my friends. I like playing sports here at western, and love playing music in Westerns Big Band. I played lacrosse for four years in high school. I have been playing music/Saxophone for ten years. I would like to go into the police force when I get out of school, and hope to rise up the ranks and make detective as soon as I can. I am in school government. I play on many intermural sport teams. I play in the Western Hemispheric Orchestra (Jazz ensemble). I am part of model united nations and I have made the dean’s list this year. I am currently an ambassador for WOU. My favorite place to eat in Monmouth is Yeasty Beasty. My favorite moment from my first year at WOU was getting to walk around and meet all of my new neighbors. My advice to new students? Go to class!


Samantha Dunaway

Samantha Dunaway is a senior studying Biology/Zoology. My interests include theatre, reading, watching an entire season of The Office in one night, looking at pictures of dogs, tide pooling, and taking naps. With my degree, I plan on working with animals in a zoo or aquarium setting doing daily care, feeding, and training of animals under human care. Apart from PLUS Team, I’m involved in the Associated Students of Western Oregon University as the Vice President. I am a member of the Natural Science Club here at WOU and I am involved in the theatre department. I am also a former member of the sorority Alpha Chi Omega. I am currently employed by the Oregon Coast Aquarium as a Seasonal Educator. I give presentations, tours, and give educational programs at the Aquarium. My favorite place to eat in Monmouth is Momiji’s. My favorite moment from my first year at WOU was spending time with my hall mates and making connections that have lasted throughout my college experience. Find something outside of your regular class schedule that you love. Memories are made when you do something you enjoy and find people that make the experiences worthwhile. Don’t let the four years pass you by, get involved and find something to be passionate about! I am a certified Open Water Diver and I have a Harry Potter tattoo!


Jessica Freeman

Jessica Freeman is a junior studying community health and education/biology. I love COWS, (working, playing, showing, all the things) reading and riding four wheelers. I want to work in a trauma ward as a RN, then work my way up to being a cardio-thoracic surgeon. I am heavily involved in ASWOU. I have been a branch head for two years (hopefully President next year!) I am also involved in the Honors Program, ASWOU Judicial Administrator, and am a second Year PLUS Team member. My favorite place to eat in Monmouth is Yeasty Beasty or Momiji’s. My favorite moment from my first year at WOU was when I joined ASWOU Senate during October of my first year. As a Senator, I was able to continue my leadership experience through ASWOU for the rest of my collegiate career. Find a club or organization that interests you and get involved. It is a great way to make new connections, new friends, and gain new experiences.


Sophie Gilbert

Sophie Gilbert is a senior who is fluent in ASL Communications and ASL Studies. I enjoy dogs, coffee, art projects, and the gym. I am working towards a BA in Communications and plan to go to Graduate school in the future. I hope to work in a university setting with college students, focusing on leadership opportunities. I am working on my leadership certificate! PLUS Team coordinator, Ambassador, Visitation Coordinator, Interpreting Department student worker. My favorite place to eat in Monmouth is Casa Burrito. I love meeting new people and finally getting involved in leadership. My advice for new students is to try something new! When I first came to WOU, if you had told me that I would be so involved on campus, especially with leadership opportunities, I would have told you you’re crazy. But I eventually decided to step outside of my comfort zone and it has paid off more than I could have imagined! I am a mom to a little hamster named Chai and I love him!


Hailee Headlee

Hailee Headlee is a community health major with a minor in psychology. I enjoy Biking, cycling, camping, floating the McKenzie river, reading, eating ice-cream. I want to work with teen moms as a patient advocate, supporting those who need the extra love and support. Third year on PLUS Team, fitness instructor (indoor cycling) at Health & Wellness Center. Dairy Queen (BLIZZARDS) Come in with an open mind and celebrate this time in your life– you are going to learn so much about yourself and you’re going to grow far beyond what you thought was possible! I once had a pet snail named Bailey. I enjoy Spongebob references and will think you are hilarious if you throw one at me.


Ashley Heeter

Ashley Heeter is a senior studying psychology and minoring in Organizational Leadership. I love hanging out with my husband and my two dogs (French Bulldog and a Pit Bull). The beach is my favorite place in the world to visit. If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be Ireland, because my Nana told me that it was the most beautiful place she had ever seen. I love to do artsy things, even though I am not very good at it; I scrapbook, quilt, sew, paint, and other things like that. I am a superintendent for the Jackson County 4-H program (sewing division). But, my two favorite things to do are eat good food and nap… just kidding! I love trying new things, being out in nature, visiting my family and friends, and watching good TV shows and movies (i.e.: Friends!) My two favorite animals are iguanas and cows. I play on a flag football team that went to an international tournament in Las Vegas in April. I am currently working on my last year of school and trying to figure out what my next steps for after graduation. I would like to either become a high school counselor, special education teacher or a speech pathologist. I love doing a lot of very different jobs, so I am trying to find a graduate school program that will give me a variety of opportunities. 2015-2016 WOU track team, member of Kappa Delta Chi, member of Psi Chi (psychology honors society), Ford Scholar, Fraternity and Sorority Council Vice President, on Dr. Brannan’s psychology research team, and Honors Program. My favorite place to eat in Monmouth is Yeasty Beasty. My favorite moment from my freshman year was being able to join the track team. Even though I decided not to continue with it, I made many connections and I still keep in contact with the coach, Mike. OR! When I decided to join Kappa Delta Chi. I never saw myself joining a sorority, but it has taught me many skills, helped me focus in on my academics and community service, start networking and gain a whole bunch of lifetime friends! Take advantage of the LACCs. It forces you to take a variety of class and could open your mind to new possibilities that you may have never thought of before. I was set on being a special education teacher, but I fell in love with Psychology! Remember, it is okay to change what you want to do and what you want to study!


Jose Hernandez-Galvan

Jose Hernandez-Galvan is a sophomore who is fluent in Spanish. Education is my major. I like turtles. I like rap and hip hop. I like to run. I love to watch movies and have movie marathons. I like to eat and cook. I like to sleep. I am a proud Latino student. I can be funny sometimes. I like to public speak and do comedy shows or stuff. I like pandas too. And dogs. I like to play pool with my friends. I love to listen to music. I want to become a teacher and eventually a superintendent of a district. Maybe one day become a chef for my own restaurant. PLUS Team, MCR Coordinator, SEP Summer Bridge, Discover Leadership, UNIDOS, MSU, Soccer, Running Club. WIMPEG Videographer, PLUS Team, MCR Coordinator. My favorite place to eat in Monmouth is my kitchen. Sing Fey. Casa Burrito. And Papa Murphy’s. At Discover Leadership, I faced my fear of heights and did a rope course. One of the events was, while being harnessed, climbing a tree and eventually jumping off of it. It was awesome! Be yourself. Join clubs, sports, make friends, have movie marathons, eat breakfast at night, but at the end of the day, be yourself. Don’t do things that are too extreme like parties or skip class. Don’t be someone you’re not. People can see that. Be you. Do not call me Jose. Please. You can call me Jay or Andres. Not Jose.


Maddie Long

Madison Long is a sophomore studying psychology and ASL I enjoy hiking, reading, eating, camping, and napping. I plan on become a family therapist. I want to help kids and family who struggle with loss and anxiety/depression. I participated in Volleyball in high school and leadership. My favorite place to eat is Koyotes. My favorite moment was going to the hypnotist with my new friends, and one of them got picked to go on stage. He is now my best friend. Be present. Join clubs, go to games. Be involved.


Lindsey Marquardt

Lindsey Marquardt is a junior studying to be in elementary/middle school education with a focus in science. I enjoy running, cooking, hiking I would love to teach middle school science someday for a small school district and maybe even become a principal. Over the summer I ran my first half marathon, I was the 2014 Scappoose Pow Wow Queen, and I am tractor safety certified. Some of the ways I am involved at WOU would be as an Incidental Fee Committee Member, Student Activities Board Assistant Director, Justice Board Member, Discover Leadership Mentor, PLUS Team Returner, Resident Assistant, Leadership Certificate program, WOU Student Caller Guest Service Specialist, Aqua Ex. and Supervisor at the Health and Wellness Center, Wolves Athletic Auction Assistant, YMCA Youth Sports Worker, and Educational Program Assistant at Oregon 4H Center. My favorite place to eat in Monmouth is Subway. My favorite memory from the first year at WOU was making a fort with my hall as a part of the fort building contest. The advice I would give to new students would be to get involved and step outside your comfort zone.


Keith Mathew

Keith Mathew is a junior fluent in ASL. I am studying community health education and minoring in ASL. After taking a class in Rock Climbing I started going outside of class and have continued ever since when I had time. I also enjoy going to Zumba put on by the Health and Wellness center, unfortunately I have not been able to make the times that they have available as of late. Every year Western Oregon puts on a Drag Show that is like a full theatrical performance rather than traditional Drag shows and I enjoy the dancing and friends that I meet through doing that. As of fall 2017 I am a junior and plan on completing my degree the year after. After graduation I plan on enrolling into a Master’s program for teaching, hopefully still here at WOU. With my degrees I plan to become a health teacher at the High School level to teach about more than the basics of health and include the often overlooked area of mental health and comprehensive sex-ed. I am currently enrolled in the Honors program and planning my Honors thesis for my senior year. I participate in Triangle Alliance, our LGBTQ+ educational and social club, Black Student Union, our Black cultural awareness and educational club, Stonewall Center, our LGBTQ+ resource center, and obviously PLUS Team! I have worked on staff at the Western Journal, the school’s newspaper and enjoyed it so much however it was not a fit for me. I highly recommend checking them out every week. My favorite places are Burgerville, Koyotes, and Rice Time. My first year here I was still discovering how I fit in and when I was nominated for so many officer positions for Triangle Alliance I knew that this club was where I was meant to be. Through that I have grown out into other clubs and organizations to help further my understanding of other issues for social justice and equality. New students should find what they feel they fit in most. Find something that will keep you here, make you want to stay at Western. Find a club, an organization, a major, a professor, whatever it takes to make you feel safe and at home. Make it a support system that you can rely on for as long as you are here. I am heavily involved in the LGBTQ+ community and I want to be a resource for struggling students to help find safe and accepting spaces or just someone to talk to. Also if you ever want to talk linguistics hit me up, I took an introductory linguistics class and might add it as a minor. If you know Grice’s maxims I can talk about that all day!


Ellen Moore

Ellen Moore is a senior studying middle school education. I love the Beatles, cute Japanese things (especially pens), and animals! In high school I was a ZooTeen at the Oregon Zoo and spent a couple thousand hours volunteering there. I love being at the zoo! I want to be a middle school science teacher. Aside from PLUS Team, I am in the Honors Program here at WOU, and I am also involved with Hall Government. During the summer, spring and winter I am a Zoo Camp counselor at the Oregon Zoo. I can’t believe I get paid to be at the zoo. My favorite restaurant in Monmouth is Momiji Sushi. Aside from sushi they also have tasty crepes. My favorite moment from my first year at WOU was New Student Week. That is when I met some lifelong friends while doing fun activities, and learning all about what it’s like to be at WOU! My advice to share with first year students? Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Talk to everyone, get involved with things on campus, go to events, you’ll likely end up feeling so glad that you did! I love traveling to Japan. My mom is from Japan and so we go most summers to visit family, but I also love being a tourist and seeing sights, going shopping, and of course eating the food. Even though I am a vegetarian, occasionally I make exceptions for certain Japanese foods because how could you not?


Chris Mudder

Christopher Mudder is a senior studying community health public policy administration. My interests include hiking, kayaking, swimming, going on road trips and playing music. My career plan is to continue on with school to obtain a Master’s Degree in Health Administration. I would love to work in a hospital doing administrative work. I was a part of the Track & Field team for my first 2 years at WOU. I have been involved with CRU and the Community Health & Family Services Club. I’m involved in PLUS TEAM and loving it! I have worked at the Residential Service Center (RSC) on campus for the past 2 years. In the summers, I have worked mowing lawns for my Parks and Rec District back home. My favorite place to eat is Momiji’s. I like to go to Momiji’s and get the all you can eat Sushi. You come hungry, and you leave incredibly full. My favorite moment from my first year at WOU was being able to compete on the Track & Field team. It was a privilege to represent our school at the collegiate level. It was crazy competing against athletes that doubled my size, and getting to compete is something that I will never forget. My advice for new students, jump into WOU with both feet. Don’t just dip your toes in the water. Try the life of a WOU student. Be active and be present. School is important, and that it why we are here, but have fun, and be spontaneous! For anyone that enjoys longboarding, one of my favorite memories from my freshman year was going on the outskirts of Monmouth and longboarding down the hills. Take some friends and make some memories out there enjoying the great outdoors.


Althea Murin

Althea Murin is a sophomore studying theatre arts. My interests are acting, singing, poetry, reading, and hiking. After getting my BFA in acting, I plan to either pursue a professional career in the performing arts, or continue my education to get a MFA in acting. I performed with my high school Thespian troupe at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am involved in Discover Leadership, PLUS Team, and Theatre. My favorite place to eat in Monmouth is Koyote’s. My favorite moment from my first year at WOU was performing in the Spring One Act Festival. My advice for new students, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.


Jamie Norr

Jamie Norr is a sophomore studying music education. She enjoys music, violin, piano, singing in the shower, dancing, (but only in drag shows) musical theater including but not limited to Hamilton, Les Miserables, Cats, and On the Town. She likes reading super romantic novels and watching their movie versions, bizarre action movies like Kingsmen and A Man from UNCLE, watching volleyball, baseball, football, arcades, rocks, piercings and tattoos, volunteering a lot, hiking, and kayaking. Jamie wants to teach music to either elementary school kids or high schoolers, or be involved in a non-profit that helps students with music. Area’s she is involved in include summer camp, Triangle Alliance, symphony and strings chamber ensemble, early music ensemble, VoteORVote PLUS Team, usher and stage manager for WOU concerts, previously worked for Digital Media Productions here and Powell’s Sweet Shoppe and Applebee’s in Bend Her favorite restaurant in Monmouth is Yeasty Beasty’s all the way. Her favorite moment from her first year at WOU was Playfair at the beginning of New Student Week or Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees coming for a concert here. Her advice for new students? Find any way to get out of your comfort zone. This doesn’t have to be huge but anything that challenges you will be good for you. Go to a club meeting or a football game or a concert. Go down the hall and say hi to that person you were afraid to talk to. Or simply just rearrange your room sometime. You’ll learn something about yourself and most likely have fun! My goal in life is to explore all of Oregon’s waterfalls or lakes. I randomly burst out into song especially when I’m studying.


Ellie Over

Ellie Over is a sophomore studying pre nursing. I love doing anything outdoors. Some of my favorite things include hiking, being on the lake, spending time with my friends and family, and most importantly spending time with my dogs. One interesting fact about me is that I was born in North Carolina, and I am also the youngest of three. Another interesting fact is that I participated in pageants for four years, and I stopped my junior year of high school. I like to keep myself as involved as possible, and I cannot stand sitting still. I do not like sitting still unless I am binge watching Chicago Fire, therefore, I tend to stay very active. My goal is to complete the pre-nursing program at Western Oregon University, and then move onto nursing school. I haven’t decided if I want to stay in Oregon, however, I do know that I want to be a Pediatric Nurse. I participated in Discover Leadership my first year at Western. I work at my mom’s bridal shop in downtown Salem, and on my free time I perfect my barista skills at Starbucks. I am also a member of PLUS Team. My favorite place to eat in Monmouth is Main Street Ice Cream. New Student week was an experience that I will never forget. All of the opportunities that PLUS Team provided during New Student Week helped me not only make new friends, but immediately feel comfortable. My favorite event during New Student Week was the hypnotist. I will never forget crying because I was laughing so hard, I would recommend that event to anyone who needs a good laugh, and some quality entertainment. My advice for new students is that, “You get what you put into it.” College has been such an amazing experience full of countless opportunities, as well as responsibilities. The main advice that I would give is that it’s okay to do things that you wouldn’t normally do, and I recommend being as involved as possible.


Anthony Preston

Anthony Preston is majoring in criminal justice with a minor in sports leadership. I love hiking, running, coaching and reading. I would like to become a Portland police officer followed by becoming a School Resource officer as well as a high school wrestling coach. I am involved in the wrestling club, Young Life leader and a lot of intramural sports. I love Koyotes. The nachos will change your life. It snowed during finals week of my first term so classes were cancelled and all of my friends and I played in the snow all day! Get involved early. Getting involved will create friendships that would never happen in any other circumstance. The earlier the better, being involved creates a supportive and encouraging community. My favorite question to ask people is “Would you rather have a rabbit the size of a T-Rex or a T-Rex the size of a rabbit?” Come find me and tell me your answer and why!


Alex Quintana-Rios

Alex Quintana-Rios is a junior who is fluent in Spanish. His major is Physical Education and minor is Health. Alex is a transfer student from Southwestern Oregon Community College. His interests include Running, hiking, being active and outdoors. He enjoys playing sports and aspires to be a high school P.E. Teacher and coach. His interests at WOU include ASWOU, Plus Team, Wrestling Club, Rock Climbing Club, Intramural Sports, and Wanda’s Café. Alex’s favorite place to eat in Monmouth is Casa Burrito. His favorite moment from his first year at WOU was getting to be a part of Western Oregon University student government and being able to play intramural flag football and Softball. His advice for new students, make sure you prioritize and plan.


Richie Salazar

Rich Salazar is a junior studying communication arts and minoring in business. Whats up! My name is Richard but you can call me Rich! First off, I’d like to point out that I may look like a big and mean football player but I’m actually the complete opposite! Don’t be afraid to come up to me with any questions or just to chat! I have played the Cello for 6 years and love music! My interests include the Outdoors, hiking, off-roading (trucks/ATV’s), fishing, camping, the Beach, long boarding, car cruises, boogie boarding, surfing (though I am not good at it haha) I enjoy all types of music but my favorites are; reggae/island, hip-hop, and EDM. My favorite artist’s include Slightly Stoopid, Iration, Natural Vibrations, Dirty Heads, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Asap Mob, Post Malone, Nas, and 2Pac. I have multiple ideas for what I want to do as a profession at the moment and they are Music production (Hip Hop or Reggae), Real Estate (Commercial specifically), Detective and Psychiatrist/Counselor. I have so many options because all of those are passions of mine and I am not sure which one I want to pursue. Who knows, I might have multiple careers! I am involved as a Plus team member and am a former collegiate football player at a Division II university which is the same size as Western Oregon. My first job was at the Men’s Warehouse in both San Jose, CA and Keizer Station, OR. I worked as a customer sales associate and a sales person. My current job is at Applebee’s as a Host, to which I plan on becoming a server or bartender. My favorite place to eat in Monmouth would be a tie between Golden House Chinese and Koyotes. My favorite moment in my first year here at WOU would probably be the multiple trips camping and to the beaches such as Lincoln City. Have fun. Do not get too wrapped up with the expectations of family, friends or “college students” on being a spectacular student and have fun at all times. The next four years or so will be some of the best times of your life, don’t miss out!


Brian Tesch

Brian Tesch is a junior studying Business/Economics. My interests include aquariums: Currently have 9 aquariums but definitely have a few favorite ones: 70gallon Saltwater Seahorse Reef Tank, 55 gallon freshwater discuss tank. Search and Rescue: Volunteer with the county, and am currently on the SVU team, I fly drones and ride ATVS when searching for people. Hiking / Outdoors / Fishing. I plan on going into the Finance industry after graduation, towards portfolio management or the financial analysis. On- Campus Peer Mentor, Student Media, Hall Government Freshman Year Off Campus, But Local Search and Rescue, Polk County; STEP Volunteer ODFW Willamette Co-Analyst on Stock-views, compile research articles on various special situation investments. Co-Run a family investment portfolio. Ad-manager with the Western Journal. Co-Founder and Part-owner in VPS Hosting Company. My favorite place to eat in Monmouth is Independence Grill, Greg is the best chef in Polk County. I really enjoyed Day 1 inside my hall meeting all the new people I was going to live with (hopefully) for the next year. My advice for new students is to join Residence Hall Government. It’s fun and good way to meet people. Don’t buy books until second week. Fun Facts: I own 6 Seahorses and are currently developing air powered potato guns. The latest version has a range of 750ft. I am really interested in Aquaponics / Hydroponics, and have a hobby hydroponic garden that grows veggies. I have caught fish that weigh more than me. (Halibut record: 164 LBS)


Ashlynn Walker

Ashlynn Walker is a senior fluent in ASL She is majoring in ASL Studies and minoring in psychology. She is a transfer student from the University of Alaska Anchorage. I enjoy hiking, reading, beading, going to concerts, exploring, and eating! After I obtain my bachelor’s in ASL Studies, I plan to take 2 years off to travel to another country and complete some type of mission work. After those 2 years, I will come back to Western Oregon University to start on my master’s degree in the Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling program. During my first year at WOU, I was involved in Hall Government. Currently, I attend International Club every once in a while and I am a member on PLUS Team. I have 3 jobs on campus: Residential Service Center (RSC), Hamersly Library, and PLUS Team. My favorite place to eat in Monmouth is Yeasty Beasty. I like to put their ranch on everything or eat it plain. There was a moment where I was thinking about how I had met my current friend group and I realized that it all originated from my very first night at WOU during Play Fair. My advice for new students is, it’s all a part of life.


Amy Watkins

Amy Watkins is a senior studying community health education and minoring in psychology. I love to be outdoors, hiking camping, sleeping, reading, watching Hulu or Netflix and hanging out with friends! One of my career goals is to join the Peace Corp! I have been a part of Hall Gov, Discover Leadership and am currently the Chair of Team Development for Relay for Life. I work at the Vice President for Student Affairs Office as an Office assistant. My favorite place to eat in Monmouth at Keeaumoku Hawaiian Grill. I had the best experience my first year at WOU. I can’t even think of a specific memory that was my favorite. Most of my close friends still were from my hall and I am so lucky to have them in my life! My advice is to try to step out of your comfort zone as much as you can! Some people call me Hip Hop…It’s a long story.


John Wilkins

(503) 838-8229 | or e-mail: