Policies and Information

Event Policies and Information

You do NOT need to log in to make a reservation request. Simply, click on “Request Events” to get things started! To make an online reservation request go to www.wou.edu/astra. To change an existing reservation, email list of changes to: reservations@wou.edu OR call 503-838-8261. The Info Desk staff will direct your call to an available scheduler.

Looking to make a reservation in Hamersly Library? Click HERE.

Click below to see the WUC Willamette room use policy and the WOU Reservation Policy. If you have questions about these policies, contact Don Boderman at boderman@wou.edu or (503) 838-8088.

Willamette Room Use Policy (revision, 1-9-14)

WOU Facilities Reservation Policy

Reservation Fees summary

Request for waiver of fees for use of WOU Facilities

For information about Catering, click HERE.

Event Survey Data

We need your feedback! If you are making a reservation, please take a moment to fill out the electronic survey by following the link below. This data will help us assure and improve our processes and customer service for over 10,000 non-academic related meetings and events scheduled each year. Thanks in advance!


OrgSync Event Advisement Process for Student Organizations

1. Student makes a request to reserve a room in Astra.

2. Student goes to their organizational portal in OrgSync, click on “Create an
Event” link and completes the OrgSync form.

3. Kelsey Elam-Geuting or John Wilkins, event advisors, will review and comment
via OrgSync whether or not an Event Advisement (EA) in needed for the requested

4. Student schedules an EA with an event advisor at the WUC Information

5. Event advisor will create, upload the event into Astra and upload the PDF to OrgSync.
Event advisors will create diagrams, if needed, for the event in Meeting Matrix.

6. Event advisor will define all reviewers that are to sign off on the EA form in OrgSync.

7. Reviewers will approve/deny or request meetings with student event
organizers, if necessary, to clarify the support that is needed to ensure a
successful event.

8. If changes need to be made to WUC room setups, student organizers will be
asked to meet with Chelsee Blatner, WUC Assistant Director of Operations. Then, they
will print out new room diagrams on the changes they agree on.

9. Updates will be provided to the WUC Facilities Scheduling Assistant and they will
make changes as needed. Updated documents will be uploaded to OrgSync.

10. EA advisors verify reviewers have signed off on event.

11. Finally, events are added to OrgSync calendar after all signs off’s completed.


WUC Information Desk

(503) 838-8261 | or e-mail: reservations@wou.edu