Staff Senate Members (2017-18)



President:  Jesse Poole

Vice President:  Rip Horsey

Secretary/Recorder: Kara Westervelt-Parker

Represented Area
Position and Department
Kathryn Plummer Unclassified Assistant Director, Service Learning & Career Development 2nd year 88041 WUC 119
Kimber Townsend Classified Administrative Program Assistant, College of Education 2nd year 88082 RWEC 215
Kyler Dreyer Classified Veterans Certifying Official & Compliance Coordinator
1st year 88806 AD 104
Jesse Poole Unclassified Interim Director of Student Success & Advising 2nd year 88083 APSC 401 
dona Dona Vasas Classified Financial Aid Accountant
Business Services
2nd year 88171 AD 101C
Kristen Larson Classified Administrative Program Assistant, Graduate Studies 1st year 88597 AD 107A
Kara Westervelt-Parker Unclassified Assistant Registrar 1st year 88189 AD 104
andrew Andrew Holbert Unclassified Director of Veteran’s Student Success Center 1st year 89246 WUC 108
Susan Hays Classified Catalog & Scheduling Coordinator 1st year 88184 AD 106
Louann Casares Classified Administrative Program Assistant, Disability Services 2nd year 89241 APSC 405
Rip Horsey Unclassified Director, Campus Recreations 2nd year 89535 HWC 109
WeiWei Zhang Unclassified Academic Technologist 1st year 88918 ITC 205C

* Terms are two-years in duration.


Staff Senate President - Jesse Poole 503-838-8083  l  email: poolej@wou.edu