Program Description

The demographic, economic and political realities of the United States, Latin America and the world have turned Spanish into the unofficial second national language in the country and the third most spoken language in the world. The Spanish Program at Western Oregon University offers a thorough understanding of the language, literature and cultures, preparing our students to better understand and participate in their local, national and global realities.

Degrees Offered

Since Spanish students are mostly double majors or have Spanish as part of a minor degree, they bring to our classes a rich array of academic interests informed by their studies in history, education, government, criminal justice, sociology, economics, communication studies, etc. A concentration in Spanish is an excellent basis for graduate school or professional advancement. For non-majors, the program offers three minor degrees, and a rich set of language, literature, linguistics and culture courses.
We encourage our students to supplement formal course work by studying abroad in one of our summer, quarter or year long programs.


Spanish Program
345 N. Monmouth Ave.
Monmouth OR 97361

Administrative Program Assistant:
Mylisa Behling
Phone: (503) 838-8408

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