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  • The Richard Woodcock Education Center is now open! Governor Kate Brown and Dr. Woodcock both celebrated with us today. 
#howlaboutit #education
  • On Monday the weather teased that fall had arrived, but this morning the skies are blue and sun is bright. Great weather this week to welcome new students! 
#howlaboutit #whatupwou
  • It's move-in day! Welcome to all the new students! 
#howlaboutit #whatupwou
  • Beautiful evening on campus last night, but it was a bit lonely. Can't wait until move-in day on Sunday!
#howlaboutit #whatupwou
  • Getting ready for kick-off. Photo from President Fuller. 
#wouwolves #howlaboutit
  • WOU football down at Sacramento State to kick off the season. Photo by President Fuller. Go Wolves! #wouwolves #howlaboutit
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Great weekend at camp with Linfield, Southern, and Pacific! We are off to a great start. #wouwolves #WOU #howlaboutit
  • Who caught tonight's sunset? Lavenders, pinks, and oranges, oh my!
#traveloregon #oregonlove
  • Love the colors of summer on campus. Even on a rainy day.
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Welcome to WOU, where it rains in August! By Friday we'll heat back up to an estimated high of 95 degrees. Coming for a #woutour? Plan accordingly!#oregonweather #howlaboutit #wou #westernoregonuniversity #happymonday
  • The fence is down! Guess that means the new Richard Woodcock Education Center will open soon. 🎉🎉🎉
  • Wolfie had a sweet ride in yesterday's Dallas Summerfest Parade! #howlaboutit

What a day! Thank you to everyone who made the Richard Woodcock Education Center a reality. Especially Dr. Woodcock. Have some gratitude to share? Leave a comment!

Thanks to Governor Kate Brown for celebrating with us today.

Lots of great photos to come. This building is incredible.

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Grand opening of the Richard Woodcock Education Center!

Edit: sorry about the sound glitch! Watch our YouTube channel for an upcoming video of the event.

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It's move-in day! Welcome to all the new students!
#howlaboutit #whatupwou

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Squee!! Move-in day is Sunday! ...

Hmmmmmmmmmm - THAT reminds me . . . MOVE-IN DAY STARTS AT 9 AM ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18! To check into your room or apartment, report as follows: (All locations are marked with a yellow star on the campus map) Ackerman – Report to Ackerman Hall Heritage – Report to Heritage Hall Landers and Barnum – Report to Landers Hall Arbor Park – Report to Sequoia Commons To see directions to campus and get an idea of where to park, see: www.wou.edu/housing/files/2016/08/2016-2017-MOVE-IN-Map-and-Directions.pdf

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