Joshua Schulze


Assistant Professor, Coordinator ESOL and Bilingual Education, Education & Leadership

503-838-9285 |
RWEC 221

Why I chose WOU

WOU has a great environment that recognizes excellent teaching and encourages scholarly pursuits.

At WOU since



Traveling to foreign locale and learning about cultural differences and similarities, reading, genealogy, hiking, and gardening.

Fun fact

Saw one of Sinatra's last concerts and witnessed him pass out during the performance.


Peabody, Massachusetts

Favorite book/movie

East of Eden

Office Hours

 10:30-11:30am (Virtual/Online)1-4pm  
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Course schedule

Fall 2019
10106 ED657 PROF SEM I CB MAT W 1700-1950 RWEC 202
10712 ED651 CONTENT AREA LIT: EMAT S 1215-1445 --- ---


Areas of responsibility

Dr. Joshua Schulze helps prepare effective teachers of linguistically diverse students in K-12 contexts through teaching, research, and service. In addition to teaching courses in educational linguistics and language acquisition, he is a seminar leader for MAT students. 

Dr. Schulze also serves as the coordinator of the ESOL and Bilingual endorsement program.

What you will do and learn in my courses

In Dr. Schulze's classes students develop a deeper understanding of language and the language learning/acquisiton process. By developing their knowlege of language, future teachers will take a language lens to their work with emergent bilinguals. This language lens will inform your instructional design and pedagogy in ways that will enhance the learning of your emergent bilingual/English learner students. 


Ed.D. University of Massachusetts Amherst

MAT University of Southern Mississippi

BA  University of Richmond

Teaching focus


Second Language Writing

New Teacher Preparation (MAT)

Research areas

Dr. Schulze’s scholarship explores ways to support the academic literacy development of emergent bilinguals in  K-12 instructional settings. In particular, he examines ways systemic functional linguistics can inform our understandings of how discpline specific language works and how that knowledge can strengthen academic writing instruction to emergent bilngual learners in school settings. 

Grants and funding

2019       $2000 Western Oregon University Provost PD Award International Travel

2018       $1200 Western Oregon University Provost PD Award

2017       $1200 Western Oregon University Provost PD Award

2016        $1250 Western Oregon University Provost PD Award


Professional experience

Dr. Schulze brings extensive experience in teaching emergent bilingual students in a variety of instructional contexts in both the US and abroad. In addition to his work as a classroom teacher in elementary settings in Boston and Kissimmee, Florida, he has also taught EFL in Warsaw, Poland. He recently has taught teacher candiates in Shanghai, China. 

Awards and honors


Graduate courses taught

ED 581: Intro to ESOL and Bilingual Education

ED 636: Leadership and Policy in Diverse Society

ED 656: Profesional Seminar MAT

ED 657: Professional Seminar II MAT

ED 658: Professional Seminar III MAT

ED 659 Professional Seminar IV MAT

ED 681: Principles and Practices of ESOL/Biligual Education

ED 683: Fostering Cultural Connections in the ESOL and Bilingual Classroom

ED 684: Language Acquisiton and Educational Linguistics

ED 685: The Word and The World: Supporting Learners through Lang and Literacy

ED 691: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Strategies in ESOL

ED 692: English Language Development for ESOL/Bilingual Settings

Undergraduate courses taught

ED 481: Into to ESOL and Bilingual Education

ED 484: First and Second Language Acquisition and Educational Linguistics


Current research

Currently, I am exploring the academic writing practices of Mandarin speaking students who are learning to write the academic genres of teacher education programs. Specifically, I am analyzing the ways a systemic functional linguistic approach to genre pedagogy supports the appropriation of written academic genres in an Introduction to ESOL/Bilingual Education class in China.

Publications and Presentations

Dr. Schulze has presented his research in Cambodia, China, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Rwanda, Singapore and throughout the US at international and regional conferences. He has also studied language and education in Argentina, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Venezuela. His research has been published in a number of national and international journals.

Professional memberships



Oregon Teachers of English as a Second Language (ORTESOL)

ORATE (Oregon Association of Teacher Educators)

Washington Affiliate of English as a Second Language (WAESOL)

North American Systemic Functional Linguistics Association International Association of Systemic Functional Linguistics

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