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Digital Stories

Inspired by the work of the Center for Digital Storytelling and the Digital Storytelling Working Group, Western Oregon University's Office of Study Abroad and International Exchanges, in collaboration with WOU's Writing Center, implemented digital storytelling as one of the requirements for the Study Abroad Capstone Project.


Digital storytelling is a powerful tool for helping students bring their study abroad experience full circle. The process of creating a digital story leads students to reflect more deeply on their time abroad as they brainstorm, create storyboards, write scripts, and finally produce their story.


Students begin collecting material for their stories even before departure to their destination. Before, during, and on return, students write posts and upload photos to the WOU Students Abroad Photoblog. They respond to questions posed at different stages of the study abroad cycle and have rich opportunities to discover, investigate, verify, and explain (DIVE) what they are observing and experiencing.


With permission from the Bringing the Learning Home project developed by Australian educators Dr. Greg Downey, Dr. Jan Gothard, and Ms. Linda Butcher, WOU modeled its photoblog and the DIVE method after that project.



The Dirty War

by Melissa Carver, Summer 2012


Discovering Argentina's Heart and Soul

by Jessie Padilla, Summer 2012


This is My Journey to Learn More

by Cain Burchell,Summer 2012


Austria (via Budapest Hungary)

Sightseeing at the Habsburg Family Residences in Vienna

by Raina Morgan, Summer 2013



Modern Medicine and TCM Collide

by Kylie Russell


Journey Abroad to China

by Teri Hill, Summer 2013


Go Home as a Foreigner

by Su, Yi Jun, Summer 2013



Stories Come to Life

by Molly Kirkelie, Summer 2013



by Alyssa Raimer, Summer 2013


A Summer in London

by Kylen Dix, Summer 2013


The Quest

By Emily Walley, Summer 2012


Waiting for the Bus

By Marissa Thompson, Fall 2012



Handprint on My Heart

by Emily Aalbers, Summer and Fall 2012



The Berlin Connection

By William Lane, Summer 2013



Don't Worry, Be Happy

by Sarah Joyce, Summer 2013


Off the Beaten Path

by Jolene Johnson, Summer 2013



Japan: My Journey

by Casey, Gallagher, Spring 2013



What Mexico Taught Me

by Mario Barba, Summer 2013


The Climb

by Joshua McGraw, Summer 2013



by Aaron Cole, Summer 2013


Live in the Moment

by Sarah King, Summer 2013


72 Hour Snapshot

by Courtney Daniel, Summer 2013


My Home Away from Home

by Ayat Haidar, Summer 2013


The Untold Stories

by Rebekah Smith, Spring 2013



Barcelona, Where the Magic Lies Within the Daily Routine

by Katy Barlean, Winter/Spring 2013


Transforming Views

by Jacqueline Arrezola, Fall 2012


Study in Barcelona

by Jose Ruben Garcia, Fall 2012




Archived Digital Stories








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