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Financial Literacy






Budget 100 PowerPoint

Budget 300 PowerPoint

Budget 400 PowerPoint


Credit  100 PowerPoint

Credit 200 PowerPoint

Credit 300 Power Point


Saving 100 PowerPoint

Saving 200 PowerPoint

Saving 300 PowerPoint


Writing Strong Scholarship Essays PowerPoint

Scholarship Search Strategies Workshop PowerPoint


Budget Assignment: Worksheet in Excel


Money Matters

A $750 lunch

Money Matters1

A Penny Saved

Around the World and Out of Your Wallet

Car Buying Tips

Clearing up the Confusion on Credit

Clothing Budget

Credit Card Traps

Cutting Expenses

Free Credit Reports

Four C’s of Credit

How to Read Checking Account Statement

How to Reduce the Cost of Paying Bills

Identity Theft

Impact on Student Loans on Buying a Home

Long-Term impact of Bankruptcy

Making Dollars Stretch Further-Clothing

Online Security

Ownership Rates in Perspective

Quick Tips on Cleaning Your Financial House

Reduce Unwanted Solicitations

Student Loan Repayment Plans

Take This Quiz to Find Out How your Loans Savvy Stacks up

What are the Odds

Why Debt to Income Ratios count

You work hard for the Money




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