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Formal Analysis

The formal analysis shall be descriptive in nature of the project addressed by the individual or team. This analysis, in the competitor’s chosen form and most appropriate to the nature of the project, shall be a summary of what was learned and demonstrates “one’s art of living”.

A minimum of a written narrative must be provided that includes the following:

In addition, participants are encouraged to consider providing supplemental information to accompany the written narrative.  Acceptable forms include, but not limited to, graphics, representations of studio and performing arts, posters, audio, video or other presentation forms.


If submitting your analysis electronically (email), video/audio must be provided in a digital format that is easily accessible to the review committee.  Past participants have used video sites such as Youtube and Vimeo from which to present video/audio.



When evaluating the final formal analysis and selecting the finalists and winning participants(s), the committee shall use the following criteria:


The recipient of this award will be determined not on the success of the extracurricular project, but on the project’s ingenuity and the student’s demonstration of the deepest learning. 




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