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Exhibits in 2007-2008

2007 / 2008 theme

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1st floor Main Lobby
and New Book Areas
2nd floor Gallery 3rd floor Galleries
Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation, 2007
Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation

1st floor Main Lobby 
September - December 2007
Curator: Timothy Thompson, WOU History Student

An Ongoing Voyage, 2007

An Ongoing Voyage
LC Corner presents poster series
2nd floor gallery 
July - August 2007
Curator: Library of Congress Installed by Bryan Beck


150 Years of Presidents, 2007

150 Years of Presidents
featuring the 21 presidents at WOU
3rd floor  
July - August 2007
Curator: Kristin Johnson

Governor's Food Drive Silent Auction, 2008
Governor's Food Drive Silent Auction

Governor's State Employees Food Drive Fundraiser
1st floor Main Lobby 
February 2008
Curators: Hamersly Library Food Drive Committee
The World Above Us, 2007
The World Above Us: Enter the Arctic

The Jensen Arctic Museum introduces the arctic by definition, population & country boundaries. Stop by and experience arctic cultures and ecology while getting a glimpse of Jensen's vast arctic collection.
2nd floor gallery 
September - December 2007
Curators: Roben Jack Larrison and Jensen Arctic Museum volunteers
Classroom Connections in Health & Physical Education, 2007
Classroom Connections in Health & Physical Education

3rd floor galleries 
September - December 2007
Curator: Dr. Linda Stonecipher, HPE
Mother Bear Project, 2008
Mother Bear Project

another year of providing comfort and hope to children of Africa
1st floor main lobby 
April - May 2008
Curator: Dr. Bob Hautala, HPE
Memories of the Good Friday Earthquake, 2007-2008
Memories of the Good Friday Earthquake

2nd floor lobby 
September 2007 - February 2008
Curator: Kristin Johnson, WOU Student
Revisiting Celebrating Excellence, 2007
Revisiting Celebrating Excellence

A tribute to Adjunct Faculty
September - December 2007
Curator: Jerrie Lee Parpart

It's Hoskisson, 2008
It's Hoskisson

Ceramics by Don Hoskisson, WOU art faculty emeritus
2nd floor gallery 
January 21 - March 14, 2008
Curator: Don Hoskisson, WOU Art Faculty Emeritus
Reception: Wednesday, January 30, 4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m., HL205
WWII in Arctic Alaska, 2008
WWII in Arctic Alaska

Explore World War II in Arctic Alaska. Learn about the Alaska Territorial Guard,
the Alaska-Canada highway and Oregon soldiers in the Arctic.
3rd floor galleries 
January 14 - March 14, 2008
Curator: Roben Jack Larrison, Jensen Arctic Museum Curator and volunteers
Reception: Wednesday, January 30, 4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m., HL205

Faculty / Staff SHOWCASE
1st floor Main Lobby

September - December 2007
Dr. Mary Pettenger

January - March 2008
Dr. Kim Jensen

April - May2008
Hamersly Library Staff -
Larry Bentley

July - August 2008
Mario & Alma Pastega Awards

Alaska's Black Gold, 2008
Alaska's Black Gold

2nd floor lobby 
March - June 2008
Curator: Kristin Johnson, WOU Student
Wayward, 2008
Wayward: Traveling in the Arctic

2nd floor gallery 
March 20 - June 13, 2008
Curators: WOU Museology Students: Joy Charron, Jessica Bertling, Hannah Cooney, Mat Davila, Jennifer Ezzell, Nolan Kinney, Betsy McDonald, Katelyn Moneke, Daniel Sprinkle and Jesus Zarate
  Dreaming Cows Mural Project, 2008
Dreaming Cows Mural Project

Giclee prints by Betty LaDuke
3rd floor galleries 
April 2- May 26, 2008
This exhibit was initiated and supported by Alice Kirk, Emeritus WOU Faculty, the Monmouth Social Club and generously supported by the WOU Foundation, Cannon Gallery of Art, and private donations.
Kate Bappe, 2008
KATE BAPPE: An Exhibition of Graphic Design and Printmaking Work

Senior art students present their work
3rd floor galleries 
early June 2008
Curators: To be arranged

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