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Exhibits in 2004-2005
1st floor Main Lobby and New Book Areas
2nd floor Gallery
3rd floor Galleries
Celebrate the Year of Color, 2004
Celebrate the Year of Color
Opening questions for the Year of Color
1st floor main lobby, and
2nd floor galleries
September - December 10, 2004
Curators: Jerrie Lee Parpart, Jennifer Hegdal, and Ruth Weston
Whiteness, 2005
White as a powerful symbol in the human imagination
2nd floor gallery
January - March 2005
Curator: Henry Hughes
19th century Herbarium
Color Everlasting: Oregon Normal School Herbarium
Late 19th century herbariums from the University Archives
3rd floor galleries
July 21 - December 1, 2004
Curators: Sharon Lehner and
Jerrie Lee Parpart 
The Color of Round, 2005
The Color of Round
Open Invitation to the Western Community
Exhibit Invitation
1st floor main lobby
January - March 2005
Curator: Jerrie Lee Parpart

African Shibori - detail
Manipulated resist dying
2nd floor gallery
April - June 10, 2005
Curator: Susan Kristoferson & Jerrie Lee Parpart

Map Coloring Theorems
Color Theorems Maping Systems
A mathematical look at the use of color
3rd floor Archive Gallery
January - March 2005
Curators: Mathematics Students - Amanda Martin, Robert Keene, Richard Hake, William Bowers,
Jennifer Carmichael, Christi Hodges

Risso Dolphin Skull
Whale Symposium
1st flr main lobby
January - March 2005
Curator: Henry Hughes


Ash Creek Project
Ash Creek Project exhibit
[link to Planning Website]
3rd floor galleries
January - February 2005
Curators: Joan Guralnick and Steve Taylor

The RED Scare
The RED Scare
The effects of the Cold War on Campus
1st floor Main Lobby
April - June 10, 2005
Curators: Camila Gabaldon, Jackson Stalley & Rebecca Mayer


1st floor New Book area
March 14 - May 15, 2005
Curator: Ruth

  Celebrating Black Women, 2005
Celebrating Black Women
3rd floor galleries
February - May 22, 2005
Curator: Emily Plec & S.A.G.E. students

FDR, 2005
FDR: A Presidency Revealed
1st floor New Book area
March 14 - May 15, 2005
Curator: Ruth Weston

  Exposed - Jennifer Hegdal
Lance Hunt and Jennifer Hegdal
Senior art students present work
3rd floor galleries
May 30 - June 10, 2005
Curators: Jennifer Hegdal
and Lance Hunt

1st floor Main Lobby

September - December 2004
Ed Dover
Presidential Elections Publications

January - March 2005
Business & Economics Division
Recent Publications

April - May 2005
Henry Hughes and Rebecca McCannell
Recent Publication

June - August 2005
Honor Award Recipients
Faculty and Staff Awards

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