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Can I send in my paperwork electronically?
Forms that require an advisor or other institutional signature need to be printed and delivered to the appropriate office for signing. Some forms that only require a student signature can have a typed (electronic) signature as long as the box marked "By typing your name below, you agree that this as valid as your signature" is checked. Any of these forms can be e-mailed to the appropriate destination as long as the person emailing the form recognizes the following: When sending sensitive information (e.g. social security number or other personal information) from a address to another address, the attachment is sent through a secure , encrypted and should be viewed as protected. If, however, you send sensitive information form a email address, we cannot guarantee the safety of your information and advise against doing this. For students who do not feel comfortable using an electronic signature, please fill out the form electronically, print it out, and then sign by hand.

Does the graduate programs office need my original forms?
The graduate programs office does require the original form in regards to your program plan or endorsement contract.

What is a matriculation fee?
The matriculation fee is used to fund graduate student orientation and other activities that support graduate students.

Who is a matriculated graduate student?
A matriculated student is one who is both admitted and enrolled in a graduate program of study leading to a degree or teaching license including an endorsement, certificate, or authorization at Western Oregon University. A graduate student's "matriculation term" is the first term in which a graduate student is both admitted and enrolled at WOU.

How much is the fee?
The matriculation fee is a one-time fee of $300.

If a graduate student does a complete withdrawal in their matriculation term, will they be assessed the fee?
Students who withdraw on the first day of classes or after will be assessed the matriculation fee. Those students who do a complete withdrawal from WOU before the first day of classes, will NOT be assessed the fee.

Will students pay the fee again if they move the undergraduate to graduate level studies at WOU?
Yes, students will be assessed a matriculation fee for graduate level studies at WOU if they are an admitted graduate student and enrolled in a program of study leading to a degree or teaching license including an endorsement, certificate, or authorization.

Do re-enrolling students pay the matriculation fee?
Previously matriculated students who re-enroll/re-register do not pay a matriculation fee, regardless of their actual matriculation term. Returning students that were not admitted to the graduate programs before will be charged the matriculation fee.

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