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Faculty development resources


What is faculty development?

Article 22 from the ATF Collective Bargaining Agreement


Section 1. The purpose of the Faculty Development Committee is to provide a peer review process for the allocation of funds for scholarly and creative faculty activities. Scholarly and creative activities are assigned duties/responsibilities of faculty members and are used as measures of faculty performance for awarding or merit, promotion and tenure (see Articles 7 and 8).


Section 2. The Committee shall consist of faculty representatives from all divisions. Divisions that have twenty members are entitled to two (2) representatives. Ex-officio members of the Committee will include the Provost and the Vice President for University Advancement or their designees.


Section 3. Each Division will elect at their first Fall Quarter divisional meeting a representative or representatives. Members of the Committee will serve three (3) year terms. One third of the Committee will be elected each year.


Section 4. The Faculty Development Committee Chair will be elected by the Committee from those members who are serving the second of a three-year term. Ex-officio members are not eligible for the position of Committee Chair.


Section 5. The responsibilities of the Committee include:

A. The allocation of resources for:

Scholarly and creative activities including:

  • Travel for participation in professional meetings
  • Research/Professional enhancement experiences including equipment (Including related/justified travel.)
  • Project grants

Teaching release time for research and/or scholarly activities as outlined in Article 7.

Scholarship: The University also recognizes the need to support faculty scholarship activities and may substitute scholarship duties for a portion of a full-time annual or full-time quarterly faculty teaching assignment. Such scholarship substitutions will be made by the University to individual faculty assignments for the purposes of strengthening selected academic programs or faculty development. This substitution shall be granted to individuals only. Annually, the University shall offer 18 course releases (3-4 unit courses) for engagement in scholarship, only. Faculty will apply to the Faculty Development Committee detailing the scholarly activity and expected progress to arise from the requested reassignment time. Faculty will also provide copies of their applications to the chair of their academic division and the dean of their college. The Faculty Development Committee shall review the applications and award course reassignments based on criteria developed jointly by a four person committee comprised of the two college deans and two representatives from the Union collective bargaining team. A report on the outcome(s) of work performed during the release is to be submitted to the dean within three months of the affected term of release. No departments shall be granted a department wide reduction in load. Division chairs will assign appropriate teaching and scholarship activity assignments when they submit the Schedule of Classes to the College Dean for approval.

This was drawn from page 12 of the COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT

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B. Identification and consolidation of any additional funding sources.


Section 6. Funding Level

  • There shall be two separate funds for Faculty Development:
    • Type 1: Scholarly and Creative Activities (listed above in Section 5.A.1of this Article)
    • Type 2: Reassignment of Duties (listed above in section 5.A.2 of this Article)
  • The University shall devote a total of $400,000 funding for the 2011-13 biennium for Type 1 faculty development. (This funding shall be in addition to carryover of funds allocated to Faculty Development for the 2009-2011 biennium, if any remain).
  • Money not allocated in the first academic year of the biennium in which it is budgeted shall rollover to the allocated for award in the second academic year. Money, awarded in the second academic year to faculty, but not spent, shall rollover to the next biennium.

Section 7. Allocation of Funds

A. The Faculty Development Committee shall approve all applications for reassignment of duties that do not require additional funding and have been endorsed by the applicant’s Division.


B. The Faculty Development Committee shall follow the guidelines established in consultation between the parties in deciding which applications for faculty development funding will be approved.


Section 8. The University will provide training in the grant writing process through the Office of Institutional Research and Sponsored Projects, and/or the Center for Teaching and Learning.


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