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Frequently Asked Questions





How do I change my major, minor, or advisor?

To make changes to your major, minor or advisor, complete a “Change of Major/Advisor” form in the Academic Advising and Learning Center. (Note: if you are an International Student, you must change your major in the International Student and Scholars Affairs Office located in Maaske Hall. To change your minor or advisor, complete the form in the AALC.)

Do I have to complete a minor?

Most majors require a minor. There are a few exceptions to this rule such as Education and Interdisciplinary Studies. Refer to the “Undergraduate Majors, Minors and Specialty Areas” chart in your catalog or ask your academic advisor for further details on your degree.

What is the difference between a double major and a double degree?

A degree consists of the LACC, Major, Minor, BA/BS/BM degree requirements. When you complete a double major, rather than completing a minor, you will complete the course work for a second major. Your degree would consist of LACC, Major, Major, BA/BS/BM degree requirements. You receive one degree/one diploma. With a double degree, in addition to completing the coursework for a typical degree you complete the course work for another major. When you graduate, you receive two bachelors’ degrees/two diplomas.

What is dual enrollment?

The Dual Enrollment program is an opportunity for students to complete one application process for enrollment at both Chemeketa Community College and/or Western Oregon University. Eligible students receive financial aid at one institution for the combined credits from both schools. The program is open to all U.S. citizens, Permanent Residents and eligible non-citizens pursuing their initial bachelor’s degree.

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Can I take most of the courses required for my degree online?

Online undergraduate courses are increasing every year and are available in multiple subjects. Western currently only offers the Criminal Justice and Fire Services Administration majors completely online. However, typically a student must complete the LACCs and BA/BS requirements, as well as their major on campus. To find out about online courses available for your major, contact the department or your faculty advisor.

Can I graduate in four years?

Completing a degree at Western Oregon University requires a minimum of 180 credits. If you take 15 credits per term, for 3 terms per year you will reach the minimum 180 credits. Each program is different and consultation with a faculty advisor to plan your degree is strongly suggested to determine timeline.

What is the maximum and minimum amount of credits I can take each term?

The maximum number of credits the university allows a student to take per term during the Academic year is 18; however, this number can be petitioned via an advisor's approval. There is no minimum amount of credits a student can take, however, to be considered full time, students need to be registered for 12 credits. During the summer the maximum is lowered to 12 credits prior to petition.

What is the difference between a B.A. and a B.S. and how do I decide which to complete?

The B.A. - Bachelor of Arts degree requires foreign language proficiency demonstrated through the second year (Example: Spanish 203), and a minimum of Math 105 (Basic Contemporary Mathematics) and Computer Science 101. The B.S. - Bachelor of Science does not require a foreign language but does require 12 total credits of Math and Computer Science with a minimum of Math 111 and Computer Science 121. Both the B.A. and the B.S. require writing intensive and diversity credits. To best determine which option is best for you it is recommended you speak with your faculty advisor. Most programs allow you to choose the designation of your degree however in some circumstances this may differ.

Do I need to take a placement test to get into math?

The Mathematics Department at WOU uses SAT/ACT-Math scores for placement. If neither score is available, if you feel you could place higher now, or if you took the SAT/ACT long ago and want your math placement to be based on what you know now, then you can take the WOU placement test (COMPASS). The Math Department web site contains helpful information about the test and how to prepare. You can test twice without any cost.    


Does high school foreign language count towards the foreign language requirement for the B.A.?

Most simply put, maybe. The Bachelor of Arts requirement of a foreign language is determined on proficiency. If your language background gives you language proficiency beyond 203, and can be proven by transcripts, CLEP testings or placement testing, then the foreign language requirement is likely fulfilled. One thing to keep in mind is that high school language experience usually will not give you college level 203 proficiency. Alongside the proficiency testing there are sometimes certain requirements that must be met from your proficiency. There are several factors which can affect the fullfillment of your language requirements. We advise you refer to the Course Catalog or contact Academic Advising to discuss your particular situation.

How do I take the foreign language placement test?

Each department uses different testing strategies to determine proficiency. For information regarding the Spanish placement test please see: For information regarding the German placement test please see: For information on American Sign Language please contact the department at 503-838-8322. For information on the French placement test please contact the Humanities Department at 503-838-8408.

Does Western offer a degree in Nursing?

No. Western Oregon University does not offer a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. We offer a two year Pre-Nursing course guideline to prepare students for the application process to several Oregon nursing schools. WOU also houses the OHSU Nursing Program, Monmouth Campus. This OHSU program is not affiliated with WOU in any way; they occupy classrooms on the WOU campus. Once admitted to the OHSU School of Nursing, students take a combination of nursing and non-nursing courses over three years, earning a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in nursing. The OHSU School of Nursing does not provide general education courses, so students are dually enrolled at OHSU and WOU to complete required coursework.

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