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Exploring Majors
The AALC can provide you with academic advising and assistance while you are exploring majors and your educational opportunities at WOU. Discover what your interests are and how knowing more about yourself will guide you to having a successful decision on choosing the right major for you. So do your research, discover key personality characteristics about you in relation to selecting a major that meets your interests and answer some questions before declaring your major.

These questions and many more may be answered by exploring the Academic Catalog, review the requirements of majors and minors that WOU has to offer from both: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and College of Education; also review course descriptions they are extremely helpful in knowing what the course will be about.


College of Liberal Arts and Science

Majors and Minors


College of Education

Majors and Minors


By doing this research you can know ahead of time they type of courses you will be completing: will you like them, will you enjoy them, or will you struggle through them? This information is helpful in making your decision on a major.

See your professors during their office hours, before or after class, and ask those burning questions about the major(s) in their department. They live for the subject and are the professionals; they have a plethora of information and love to share it with students.



When choosing a minor, pick something that you enjoy doing or learning, or consider a minor that compliments your major giving you added knowledge for future career opportunities.


Discuss your minor with your faculty advisor.  Advisors can give you concrete examples based on previous graduates.  For example, a chemistry minor might be a good choice for a business marketing major with a desire to work for a pharmaceutical company.

Questions To Ask Faculty About Majors


As you begin to discover new facts about your intended major, it is always best to meet with faculty advisors from the department of the major you plan to pursue. The link below will lead you to a list of questions which will aid you in directing the conversation with a faculty member.


Faculty Questions


Degree Evaluations

Degree Evaluations


Allow students to track their progress toward the completion of all requirements to graduate.  You can run it yourself or meet with your advisor if you need help running it or understanding it.  If you are curious about what you would need for a major/minor other than yours you can click on “What-If Analysis,” at the bottom of the screen and choose a different one.  Doing this does not officially change your major/minor and degree evaluations should be consulted with your advisor.



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