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Exploring The Decision Making Process


Making A Well-Informed Decision
All students start college at different points; wherever you are, making a final decision about what to major in is definitely one of the most important decisions of your college career. The more you know and understand about yourself can make each step of the exploring process meaningful and straightforward as each step will take time. Take a minute to reflect on how you make decisions large and small.



Having inadequate, inaccurate or too much information makes the decision you will make overwhelming. The best way to choose your major is by making a well-informed and a well-thought-out decision. Take the time to answer the questions that help you understand who you are and how you go about making decisions.


The decision-making process has several stages we want you to consider and take part in while exploring your options for a major(s). Click the play button to take you through each step on the following presentation or select the autoplay option after clicking the play button once:


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