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Western Oregon University operates under a shared advising model, this means you will be working with both professional academic advisors, and directly with faculty members. You have the benefit of working with individuals trained in the field of advising, and with individuals that are experts in their specific fields. Our main goal is to provide you with the most accurate information in an effort to help you navigate your degree.


If you are either unsure of your major, or have already declared your major and need to find your advisor, follow the step by step process here.


Advisee Expectations

When preparing to meet with an advisor, it is important to remember that the Advising/Advisee relationship goes two ways; you must be prepared for each meeting. Below you will find a list of expectations your advisors have for your meetings..


General Advising at WOU –


The Academic Advising and Learning Center (AALC) is the primary location for Academic Advising at Western Oregon University. The AALC meets with students who are exploring majors, pre-education majors, pre-nursing majors, and students who have general questions about the LACCs and/or B.A./B.S requirements, and students who find themselves in academic difficulty in the form of Academic Warning/Probation/Suspension.


The benefit of seeking advising from this office is one of professional advising. In our office you are meeting with individuals that have the PRIMARY responsibility of advising students. Their knowledge base covers the entire campus. They are great resources to get your questions answered.


Though the AALC is the university's general advising center, there are several other general advising resources across campus which are available to you. The Student Enrichment Program, Honors Program and Multicultural Student Services Program also serve as general advisors for students who meet the requirements of their programs.


Faculty Advising at WOU –


Once you have declared your major, you will be assigned a faculty advisor who will guide you through the completion of your major. You and your faculty advisor will work together to navigate the major components of your degree. They will also be the person who represents the department when signing off on your degree plan when completed.


The benefit of being assigned a Faculty advisor is one of knowledge in the field. They know their program and the field in which they work. They are a great resource for individuals seeking information about the major they plan to pursue or career opportunities.  




Use our interactive map to discover where you are in our shared advising model.


To use the interactive advising mode below, begin by clicking the right navigation arrow (located in the center of the bar below the map). Once the map activates, you are click and drag or zoom in and out directly on the map.





































Academic Advising and Learning Center 503-838-8428 | or e-mail:
Location: APSC 401

The Academic Advising and Learning Center engages students in identifying and pursuing their educational, career, and life goals through personalized learning experiences. The AALC serves and supports students in developing collaborative relationships that foster student success.

—Mission Statement for the Academic Advising and Learning Center