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Working & Getting Paid

Rules of Employment

Congratulations! You have found a job and are now an employee of Western Oregon University. As such, you are now subject to the same employment rules that govern faculty and staff at WOU as well as receiving the same protections. Rule number one for students is that you are a student first. The administration believes that working while attending WOU can be a valuable part of the total learning process. That being said, your courses and and associated course work take priority.

  • 20 hour/week limit: While working at WOU, students are limited to working up to 20 hours per week.
    • Students can work up 30 hours/week with approval from the Office of Student Affairs. This approval must be renewed EACH TERM that you wish to work greater than 20 hours.
      • Students are required to inform their supervisor(s) of their total work schedule and should monitor their own work hours so as to not exceed the maximum hours allowed.
    • International students CAN NOT exceed 20 working hours per week per USCIS.
  • 35 Day Rule: New employees must be paid within 35 days from the time that you started working per ORS 652.120 (2).
    • 35 day rule checks will be ready by the 10th of the month following WOU’s pay day.
  • Accidents on the job: Student employees are covered by the State Accident Insurance Fund for injuries sustained while working.
    • All injuries should be immediately reported to your supervisor.
  • Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA): Students working during academic terms are exempt from paying Social Security (6.2% of gross wages) and Medicare (1.42% of gross wages) taxes.
    • For breaks exceeding five (5) weeks (summer break), IRS guidelines state that students are not eligible for the FICA exemption.
  • Oregon sick leave: For each 30 hours that you work, you will gain one (1) hour of sick leave.
    • Regardless of where you worked the hours, you can use the sick leave at any job. See your supervisor for the rules surrounding use of sick leave.

Getting Paid

As an employee at WOU, you get paid once a month on the last business day of the month along with all faculty and staff. The pay periods for student employees is the 11th to the 10th (i.e. pay day on May 31st includes hours worked between April 11th and May 10th). Departments across campus use various timekeeping tools to keep track of all hours worked. Check with your supervisor to see what system your department uses. Your department will submit all hours worked to the Payroll Office each month.

Student who did not sign up for direct deposit must visit the Cashier’s Window on the first floor of the Administration Building on pay day to get their pay checks. You must bring some form of photo identification in order to pick up your check. Pay checks can only be delivered to the individual whose name is on the check.