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Eligibility & Paperwork


For all employees hoping to work at WOU, you must be authorized to work in the United States. According to the Department of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), “U.S. citizens, born or naturalized, are always authorized to work in the United States, while foreign citizens may be authorized if they have an immigration status that allows them to work” (link). Students authorized to work in the US must have a social security card or work authorization from the Social Security Office. If you are unsure of your status, you can use the “self check” provided by USCIS. Questions regarding eligibility to work can also be directed to either the Payroll Office or the Human Resources Office located in the Lieluallen Administration Building.

To be eligible to work as a student employee, you must be a current, registered student at Western Oregon University or another academic institution. Preference for student positions at WOU will be given to WOU students. In addition to being a student, you must be taking six (6) or more credits in order to qualify for student employment. Those taking less than six credits due to graduation requirements or because they are taking a term off should speak with their supervisor before continuing work.

Students that are graduating at the end of a term are allowed to work UP TO the start of the next term. Beyond that, you must re-enroll at WOU (or qualifying institution) to work as a student again.

International students, on non-immigrant visas, must maintain full-time enrollment status (12 credits for undergraduates, 9 for graduates) at all times to be eligible to work as a student. Exceptions may be granted only by the Office of International Education.

Students from other academic institutions must be attending either a high school (and are over the age of 16), a community college or a public/private college or university. Students that fit this category must present documentation from the qualifying institution EACH TERM in order to continue working as a student employee. Documentation could include a course schedule showing six or more credits (nine credits for those on a semester system) or a letter from the academic institution confirming your student status (high school students only). Non-WOU students taking less than six credits or its semester equivalent are not allowed to work as a student employee under any circumstance.

For more information on Student Employment Eligibility see the Student Employment Policy or contact the Payroll Office.

Payroll Paperwork

Once you have been hired as a student employee, you must fill out the necessary paperwork to confirm your eligibility. The required payroll paperwork must be completed on/before a student can begin work or training. Below is a description of the student employee paperwork that must be completed.

  1. Student Employment Authorization: This authorization serves as a student’s “key” to student employment on-campus. Supervisors that have not received a stamped and signed copy of this authorization will not be permitted to work the student until the authorization is received. You will fill out the student name and V# portions of this document and must deliver to your supervisor after bringing all of the below forms to Payroll.
  2. Student Employee Information: This information form is required and allows Payroll to add the prospective employee into the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Students will complete this form and obtain a supervisor signature before bringing to Payroll. This form is required annually and for each position on campus that you are working. Questions should be directed to the Payroll Office. **NOTE** Information listed under permanent address will also serve as the location for which a student will receive their W-2. Payroll recommends that students list their parent/guardian’s address in this field to ensure you receive your tax paperwork promptly.
  3. Student Employment Agreement: This agreement serves as your contract as an employee at Western Oregon University. The information contained outlines expected behavior while representing the University as an employee. Students are expected to read the agreement and sign the second page demonstrating understanding of the policy and procedures governing student employment on-campus.
  4. I-9: The I-9, furnished by USCIS, is a required form as is the documentation that must accompany it. A list of acceptable documents for the I-9 is provided on the back of the Student Employment Authorization. Students that are unable to produce either an item from List A OR List B AND List C will not be authorized to work until the necessary documents can be obtained.
  5. W-4: This tax form establishes the withholdings from your pay checks for federal and state income taxes. Students who are unfamiliar with this form or the information contained should speak with a parent/guardian or a tax attorney. Due to the sensitive nature, the Payroll Office and your supervisor are unable to offer any tax advice including what to put on this form. For more information, please visit the IRS website.
  6. Direct Deposit (optional): WOU strongly encourages all employees to sign up for direct deposit. There are many benefits to signing up for direct deposit including the benefit that you will be able to access your pay during school breaks if you’re unable to pick up the paper check.




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