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I-9 Compliance Policy

All departments must instruct new hires, the first day on the job, to go to the Payroll Office to fill out all necessary payroll papers and I-9 forms.   Employees should be given time during their first day’s work schedule to complete this task.

Western can be fined up to $1,000 per person if audited and found not in compliance with I-9 regulations.  If we are audited and fined, that fine will be levied against the department.  Federal regulations require employers to terminate employees if I-9 papers are not completed timely.  Employees that have not filled out I-9 papers in a timely fashion may be terminated.  Departments will be allowed to rehire these employees only after all paper work has been completed and a new pay period has began.

Departments will be allowed to work student employees who have filled out payroll papers and I-9 forms within three (3) days of hire even if they have not paid fees within three (3) days of hire.  Students must have paid fees by the last day to pay as designated in the catalog or class schedule.




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