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Final Paycheck Policy

It is the policy of Western Oregon University to provide final paychecks as follows:
A) An employee that resigns without 48 hour notice – within five working days
B) An employee that resigns with 48 hour notice – check by 4:00 p.m. on last day receiving pay.
C) An employee that retires – check on last day receiving pay (contract end date).
D) An employee that is terminated – check no later than end of first business day after termination.
E) An employee that receives a nonrenewal letter – check no later than the end of the first business day after the last day receiving pay (contract end date).
F) If an employee’s last day is the last day of the month, they will receive a regular payroll check not a manual check. Final manual checks will not be available for direct deposit. They will be available in the Payroll Office or may be sent by mail if requested.


II. PURPOSE This policy is needed for Western’s compliance to BOLI Wage and Hour laws.


III. PROCEDURES (INCLUDE WHEN APPLICABLE) A copy of all resignation letters, terminations, or nonrenewal letters must be sent to personnel, budget, benefits, and payroll as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours before a final pay check is needed. Time & Attendance reports and any pending time certificate pay must accompany a resignation letter and be sent for terminations and nonrenewals as soon as possible, no later than 48 hours before the final check is needed.

All hourly employee final time must be accompanied by the Hourly Employee Final Pay Form. This includes student, temp and unclassified hourly final pay.






A) The department head or director has the responsibility to send the time & attendance and time certificate information to Payroll and to obtain the resignation letter from the employee and send copies to Benefits, Budget, Payroll and Human Resources.
B) The department head or director must also see that the employee completes the Faculty/Staff Departure Procedure form in the Business Office.

Human Resources
C) Human Resources has the responsibility to send the termination or nonrenewal letters to Benefits, Budget, and Payroll.

D) Benefits has the responsibility to coordinate final deductions with Payroll

E) Payroll has the responsibility to produce the final check.

A hard copy of this document is always available in the Assistant to the President’s/Affirmative Action Office.




503-838-8204 | or e-mail: payroll@mail.wou.edu | Location: Admin Building, Room 306