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The Arts (Art, Dance, Music, Theatre)


Provides individualized instruction with opportunities for professional involvement, service to the community, public exhibition and performance.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn high standards of quality, achieved through individual attention to student practice and progress, professional example and expectations of student excellence.
  2. Have experience with three of the four discipline areas in the Creative Arts division, and become familiar with professional practices.
  3. Demonstrate a broad understanding of the arts and their place in culture.

The Arts program allows students to study contemporary practices through a solid foundation of traditional training in three of the four arts areas offered in the division – art, music, theatre and dance. Creative work, analytical thinking and global awareness are integrated into performance and production.


The Arts major (72 credits)

Choose areas of emphasis from art, dance, music and theatre. 

First emphasis area (39) At least 21 upper-division

Second emphasis area (15) 6 or more upper-division

Third emphasis area (12) 3 or more upper-division


The degree plan must include a capstone project, to be documented by the following coursework, depending on the student’s first emphasis area:

Art: A 498 (3)

Dance: D 405 (3)

Music: MUS 405 and MUS 406 (6)

Theatre: TA 453 (3)


The Arts minor (27 credits)

All minors must be planned with and approved by a Creative Arts Division adviser.


Note: Students seeking a B.S. in The Arts must complete the following: CS 121; MTH 111 and CS 161 or CS 406 with advance consent of the instructor.




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Note: The online catalog is for informational purposes only. read full disclosure


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