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Speech Communication

Professor: Molly Mayhead 

Associate Professors:  Nick Backus, Claire Ferraris, Frank Nevius, Emily Plec



Committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service in communication based on sound theory and practice, concentrating on understanding contexts and perspectives, preparing students for life-long effective communication.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop abilities to make informed, critical analyses of communication.
  2. Apply their knowledge to facilitate effective communication.
  3. Synthesize and accept varieties of communication styles reflecting diversity in standpoint, cultural background and belief.

Speech Communication major (57 credits)

Choose three: (9)

SP 112 Interpersonal Communication

SP 120 Communicative Voice and Articulation

SP 250 Effective Listening

SP 325 Intercultural Communication

SP 335 Communication and Gender

SP 431 Nonverbal Communication

Choose four: (12)

SP 239 Oral Interpretation

SP 312 Public Relations Communication

SP 320 Communication in Organizations

SP 321 Influencing Through Argument

SP 322 Persuasion

SP 323 Group Discussion and Leadership

SP 324 Business and Professional Speaking

Choose three: (9)

SP 326 Communication and Controversy:  Freedom of Speech

SP 327 Communication in the Legal Field

SP 412 The Criticism of Public Discourse

SP 432 Rhetoric of Western Thought

SP 435 Rhetoric of the Women’s Movement

SP 439 Contemporary American Public Address

Choose four: (12)

SP 211 Introduction to Mass Media

SP 236 Contemporary Issues in American Broadcasting

SP 342 Media Literacy

SP 343 Communication and Information Technology

SP 426 Language of the Mass Media

Electives (15)

Electives in Speech, Writing and those courses with HUM prefixes (HUM 409 Internship, not to exceed 6 hours). Students are encouraged to take WR 321, Business and Professional Writing, as a writing elective.

Speech Communication minor (27 credits)

27 approved hours, including 15 upper-division hours.




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Note: The online catalog is for informational purposes only. read full disclosure


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