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Gender Studies

Professors: Maureen Dolan, Kimberly Jensen, Robin Smith



Explores scholarship on women and gender. Historical and cross-cultural perspectives, critical theory and interdisciplinary approaches are employed to examine questions of gender difference, inequality and exclusion. In keeping with the philosophy of liberal arts education, the goal of gender studies is to better understand and ultimately to transform our lives and the world in which we live.


Learning Outcomes

Gender Studies students will better understand:

  1. How gender roles and ideologies are differently constructed and expressed in different cultures.
  2. Theories on the origin of patriarchy and the history of efforts to balance its effects.
  3. The interaction of race, class, gender, and other categories of difference in society.

Gender Studies minor (26-28 credits)

HST 410 Gender Issues Part I (4)

HST 411 Gender Issues Part II (4)

SOC 360 Sociology of Gender (3)

Elective Courses (15-18)


Choose electives from at least two divisions:

Creative Arts

A 405 Art History: Women in Art (4)

D 310 Women in Dance (3)


HE 367 Human Sexuality (4)


SP 335 Communication and Gender

SP 435 Rhetoric of the Women’s Movement

SPAN 445 Hispanic Women Writers


PSY 492/592 Psychology of Women (4)

Social Science

ANTH 340 Mothers and Daughters (4)

ANTH 370 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective(4)

ANTH 375 Women Anthropologists (4)

CJ 435 Gender, Crime and Justice (4)

HST 318 Women in the Greco Roman World (4)

HST 333 Women and the Family in the Middle Ages (4)

HST 462 American Voices (4)

HST 465 Health, Medicine and Gender in Historical Perspective (4)

HST 496 Women in Indian Society (4)

HST 497 Women in Japanese Society (4)

HST 498 Women in Chinese Society (4)

PS 435 Women and Politics (3)

PS 436 Gender and Public Policy (3)

PS 436/536 Gender in Politics (3)

SOC 338 Sociology of the Family (3)

SOC 437 Sociology of Race/Ethnic Relations (3)

SOC 440 Women and Development (3)

SOC 460 Feminist Theories (3)

SSC 201 Introduction to Gender Studies (3)

SSC 403 Research/Internship (1-9)

Note: SSC 201, SSC 403, and SOC 460 are strongly recommended. Also, minor may include any seminar that focuses on adding content on/by women to the curriculum, or that substantially and explicitly addresses gender issues and feminist theory in the treatment of its subject area, or a course in which the student has the option of selecting and exploring gender-related topics in the process of developing a special skill, e.g. an advanced writing course.




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Note: The online catalog is for informational purposes only. read full disclosure


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