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Professor: Stephen Gibbons

Associate professor: William Brown

Assistant professors: Vivian Amantana, Terry Gingerich



Provide high quality liberal arts courses and programs in the discipline of criminal justice. The department contributes to the campus and larger academic communities and the region’s state, local and federal agencies through service and research. Corrections majors are prepared for beginning professional work in local, state or federal corrections agencies at the juvenile or adult level.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice field.
  2. Master basic theories and practices suitable for entry-level careers in criminal justice or related fields.
  3. Enhance the practical applications of criminal justice theory through engagement in service learning experiences such as internships and research activities.

Corrections major (72 credits)

Core Criminal Justice Courses* (32)

CJ 213 Introduction to Criminal Justice (4)

CJ 319 Ethics and Leadership in Criminal Justice (4)

CJ 327 Research Methods in Criminal Justice (4)

CJ 450/550 Criminology (4)

CJ 407 Seminar: Community Crime Prevention (4)

CJ 409 Practicum: Community Crime Prevention (12)

Corrections major (20 credits)

CJ 451 Youth, Crime, and Society (4)

CJ 452 Criminal Procedure (4)

CJ 453 Penology (4)

CJ 454 Parole and Probation (4)

CJ 455 Correctional Casework and Counseling (4)

Electives from Criminal Justice and/or Social Science (20)


Criminal Justice Electives

CJ 321 Principles of Forensic Investigations (4)

CJ 403 Field Study (4)

CJ 406 Independent Study (1-4)

CJ 423 Management of Law Enforcement Organizations (4)

CJ 424 Law Enforcement Planning (4)

CJ 435 Gender, Crime, and Justice (4)

CJ 436 Minorities, Crime, Social Policy and Social Control (4)

CJ 456 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice (4)

CJ 463 Juvenile Issues (4)

CJ 499 Studies in Community Crime Prevention (4)

*Core courses are required for all students majoring in law enforcement, corrections or community crime prevention.


Note: Formal admission is required for all students seeking the B.A./B.S. in corrections. Normally, students will apply for admission to the corrections major at the end of the freshman year, or in the case of transfer students, upon admission to the university. Prior to application for admission to the corrections major, applicants must complete CJ 213 and achieve a sophomore standing (45 or more credit hours). Students will be required to complete WR 115 and WR 135. Students must earn a grade of B or above in both WR 115 and WR 135 prior to admission to the program. All transfer English classes must be 3.00 or higher to substitute for WR 115 or WR 135. Students must also have an overall GPA of 2.67 in order to be admitted into the corrections major.




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Note: The online catalog is for informational purposes only. read full disclosure


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