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American Sign Language Studies

Assistant professor: Elisa Maroney



To prepare students with competencies in ASL linguistics, literature and Deaf culture; an understanding of the role of the sociolinguistic aspects of sign languages and Deaf communities; and the roles of Deaf history, Deaf culture and cultural diversity in American society.


Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Participate in Deaf culture, understanding the differences between medical and social models of deafness.
  2. Evaluate issues from different cultural perspectives.
  3. Demonstrate linguistic skills in American Sign Language.

American Sign Language Studies major prerequisites:

ASL 101 American Sign Language I* (4)

ASL 102 American Sign Language II* (4)

ASL 103 American Sign Language III* (4)

LING 210 Introduction to Linguistics (4)


Note: Program expected to be fully available Fall 2007. Some courses currently available. See Special Education Division for assistance.


Note: ASL Studies majors must have a grade of C or better in courses that are used to satisfy the major requirement.


American Sign Language Studies major (64 credits beyond first year ASL)

ASL 201 American Sign Language IV* (4)

ASL 202 American Sign Language V* (4)

ASL 203 American Sign Language VI* (4)

ASL 310 American Sign Language Cherology/Phonology (3)

ASL 315 American Deaf Culture (3)

ASL 320 American Sign Language Morphology (3)

ASL 325 American Sign Language Literature (3)

ASL 330 Special Topics in American Sign Language (3)

ASL 415 American Sign Language Syntax and Semantics (3)

ASL 420 Sociolinguistics of Deaf Communities (3)

ASL 425 Introduction to American Sign Language Teaching (3)

ASL 430 Methodology and Curriculum: American Sign Language Teaching (3)

ASL 435 Mentoring for ASL Specialists and Teachers (3)

INT 253 Comparative Linguistics (3)

INT 420/520 Deaf History: Social and Cultural Issues (3)

LING 215 Structure of English I (4)

LING 312 Language and Society** (4)

LING 490 History of the English Language** (4)

LING 492 Structure of English II*** (4)

TPD 484/584 Introduction to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Studies (3)

*Must be taken in numerical order

**Prerequisites: LING 210 and LING 215 or consent

*** Prerequisite: LING 215 or consent


American Sign Language minor (15 credits)

Approved upper-division courses in ASL Studies, Interpreting or Teacher Preparation: Deaf Education. Students will work with an adviser to develop their minor degree program.



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Note: The online catalog is for informational purposes only. read full disclosure


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