Exhibits Mission

To provide a venue for presenting visual and textual information and performances which expose students and staff to topics and experiences that augment the classroom curriculum.

The Library provides several spaces within the Hamersly Library for the purpose of gallery exhibits and performances, including, in the past:

  • WOU Art faculty (current and former) shows
  • WOU Art students senior exhibits
  • Memorabilia from the WOU archives
  • Traveling exhibits
  • Works from local and regional artists
  • Performances by WOU dance and music students and faculty

These exhibit spaces provide WOU faculty and students an avenue to showcase their skills and talents. They provide an extension of the classroom for WOU faculty; the library has hosted several exhibits curated by faculty and students on topics/issues that they have been studying. Finally, the exhibits program provides a way for the library to “extend” its resources – to find cultural and artistic information from other individuals or areas outside the university and to bring it to the campus.

We invite you to browse information on our past exhibits (below), submit a proposal for an exhibit of your own, or to join our mailing list to receive information about upcoming exhibits.

This exhibit and others are sponsored in part by private donations. If you would like to contribute to the Exhibits Program at Hamersly Library contact Jerrie Lee Parpart,
503-838-8886, parparj@wou.edu