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Chicano Studies

Chicano Studies


Chican@ Studies Minor (24-26 Credits)

To provide students with a broad knowledge base and the intellectual tools to understand the central questions, applications and language relevant to this field of inquiry. Courses focus on comparative topic issues, discipline specific approaches and practicum/experiential learning opportunities.


For more information, please contact: Dr. Maureen Dolan, 838-8292,; Dr. Jaime Marroquin, 838-9250,; Dr. John Rector, 838-8294,; Dr. Gianna Martella, 838-8430,



Core (12-14):

Select four courses, at least one in Social Science and one in Humanities.

  • ED 301 Introduction to Chican@ Studies
  • HST 485 Mexican Foundations of Chican@/Latino@ History
  • HST 486 Chican@ History
  • SOC 435 Chican@/Latin@ Studies: Social Issues, Social Movements
  • SPAN/HUM 328 Introduction to Chican@ Literature
  • SPAN/HUM 342 Introduction to Chican@ Life and Culture


In consultation with an advisor, select four additional courses from courses above not already used and/or the following, with no more than two courses from any one department: (12)


  • ANTH 330 Contemporary Chican@ Culture
  • ED 302 Multicultural Education and the American Experience
  • ENG 389 Studies in Minority Literature (when related to Chican@/Latin@ Studies)
  • GEOG 370 Human Migration
  • GEOG 371 Mexico and Central America
  • HST 454 Mexico and the Caribbean Since Independence
  • HST 490 Wests of Early America
  • HST 491 Western US: 20th Century Issues
  • SOC 406 Special Individual Studies (when related to Chican@/Latin@ Studies)
  • SOC 407 Seminar (when related to Chican@/Latin@ Studies)
  • SOC 409 Practicum: Latin@ Ed Mentor
  • SPAN 317 Spanish for Bilingual/Heritage Speakers
  • SPAN 318 Spanish for Bilingual/Heritage Speakers
  • SPAN 319 Spanish for Bilingual/Heritage Speakers
  • SPAN/HUM 340 Civilization and Culture of Mexico
  • SPAN 407 Seminar (when related to Chican@/Latin@ Studies)

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