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Earth Science Faculty Publications-Abstracts-Reports Western Oregon University
Steve Taylor, Ph.D. - Geomorphology and Environmental Geology Taylor (2007), Watershed Assessment, River Restoration, and the Geoscience Profession
Taylor et al. (2007), Geomorphic Analysis of Cinder Cones at Newberry Volcano (Abstract)
Taylor et al. (2007) Riparian Plant Distribution in the Luckiamute Watershed
Taylor and Kite (2006), Sediment-Transport Efficiency in the Central Applachians
Taylor (2006), Final Report to IWW/USGS - Hydrogeomorphic Analysis of the Luckiamute Watershed (Technical Report)
Taylor et al.(2005), Spatial Analysis of Cinder Cone Distribution at Newberry Volcano (Abstract)
Taylor (2005), Bedrock Control on Geomorphic Processes in the Luckiamute: Extending Tyee-Based Landscape Models (Abstract)
Taylor et al.(2003), Morphometric Analysis of Cinder Cones at Newberry Volcano (Abstract)
Taylor et al. (2002), Field Guide to Environmental Studies in the Luckiamute Watershed
Taylor (2002), Bedrock Control on Slope Gradients in the Luckiamute Watershed (Abstract)
Taylor (2004), Geology of the Luckiamute Basin, Polk and Benton Counties, Oregon (Technical Report)
Jeffrey Myers, Ph.D. - Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
Jeffrey Templeton, Ph.D. - Volcanology and Petrology
Student Publications and Abstracts Noll et al. (2007), Spatial Distribution of Invasive Plant Species, Luckiamute River
Giles et al. (2003), Newberry Digital Map Compilation, Fall GSA Presentation, Seattle

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