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Mathematics Placement Test at WOU

Fill out the WOU Math Prerequisite and Placement Guide to see if you need to take the Math Placement Test

Photo ID required, please bring photo ID when you come for your test

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Who has to take the WOU Mathematics Placement Test?
The Mathematics Department at WOU uses SAT/ACT-Math scores to make an initial placement recommendation for new students. If you wish to enter a mathematics course at a higher level than your SAT/ACT score indicates you must take the math placement Test.


You may not need a placement test if you have completed a college level mathematics course at some other college or university, or received AP calculus or AP statistics credit.


Note: some students with particular course prerequisites may also have to take the mathematics placement test. For example, Math 105 is not the prerequisite for Math 111, 211, 251, etc. See the FAQ page for more information.


Students in the following majors take the mathematics placement test during SOAR, during New Student Week or at the beginning of their first term at WOU. Students in these majors will be better served by WOU if they start their mathematics course sequences at the beginning of their first year at WOU.


Major List: Biology, Chemistry, Pre-Medicine, Mathematics, Elementary Education (Pre-K - Middle Authorization), Secondary Education, Mathematics



What should you expect when you take the WOU Mathematics Placement Test?

What topics are covered on the WOU Mathematics Placement Test?


Numerical skills/ Pre-Algebra
  • Basic operations with integers
  • Basic operations with fractions
  • Basic operations with decimals
  • Percentages
  • Absolute value of numbers
  • Means, medians, modes
  • Multiples and factors of integers
  • Exponents, square roots, scientific notation
  • Conversions between fractions and decimals
  • Order concepts (greater than, less than)
  • Counting problems and basic probability
  • Ratios and proportions

       Elementary Algebra

       Intermediate Algebra

  • Substituting values into algebraic equations
  • Setting up equations
  • Basic operations with polynomials
  • Factoring of polynomials
  • Formula manipulation
  • Basic operations with linear equations
  • Exponents and radicals
  • Basic operations with linear inequalities
  • Rational expressions
  • Exponents and radicals
  • Systems of linear equations, 2 variables
  • Quadratic formula
  • Absolute value equations
  • Absolute value inequalities

Coordinate Geometry

  • Linear equations in two variables
  • Distance and midpoint formula in the plane
  • Graphing circles, parabolas, etc.
  • Graphing parallel and perpendicular lines
  • Graphing rational functions
  • Graphing systems of equations
College Algebra
  • Functions
  • Exponents
  • Complex Numbers
  • Factorials
  • Roots of polynomials
  • Matrices (basic operations, equations and determinants)
  • Systems of linear equations in three or more variables
  • Logic and proof techniques
  • Arithmetic and geometric sequences and series
  • Triangles (area, perimeter, Pythagorean Theorem)
  • Circles (area, perimeter, arcs, etc.)
  • Rectangles (area, perimeter, etc.)
  • Composite shapes
  • Angles (supplementary, complimentary, adjacent, vertical)
  • Trigonometric functions and identities
  • Right angle trigonometry
  • Trigonometric equations and inequalities

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Scheduling a time to take the WOU Mathematics Placement Test


Students attending SOAR and/or New Student Week will be given the opportunity to take the Mathematics Placement Test. No additional sign up or appointment is necessary for these students prior to arriving at SOAR or at New Student Week.


Students who wish to take the Mathematics Placement Test during the regular academic year must contact the mathematics office coordinator: Sharon Price, to schedule an appointment.


Students may take the Mathematics Placement Test twice without charge.


Sharon Price
Math & Nursing Building 116


Mathematics Department (503) 838-8465 | or e-mail: