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Mathematics Department


Math Office: Mathematics and Nursing Building 116

Office Phone: (503) 838-8465

Office Fax:   (503) 838-8752

Department Chair: Dr. Breeann Flesch


The Mathematics Department at Western Oregon University is committed to the teaching of mathematics and the communication of mathematical ideas. Faculty members believe that both the assimilation of mathematical knowledge and the enhancement of one’s capacity for mathematical reasoning are essential outcomes of a liberal arts education.


The WOU mathematics program constantly strives to employ innovative methods for allowing students to develop their quantitative reasoning competency and awareness. We provide a broad range of courses in the mathematics major, and our faculty members have a diverse set of specialties and research interests spanning a wide range of the mathematical sciences, including algebra, geometry, combinatorics, analysis and number theory.


We collaborate with the computer science department to offer a joint Mathematics/CS degree, which we believe produces graduates that are particularly well-trained to tackle complex challenges as they join the workforce. Our faculty is also at the cutting edge in the mathematical preparation of secondary school teachers. For instance, WOU was one of the first participants in a pioneering program to give prospective teachers hands-on experience with assessment of actual solutions submitted by elementary school students from around the country in collaboration with the Math Forum online problem-solving website. Our mathematics education curriculum emphasizes collaborative and experiential learning, as well as imparting a proficiency at accurately assessing the conceptual level of children's solutions to help them develop their own understanding. Our faculty members regularly present the results of their research in mathematics education at conferences in the field.


Mathematics Department (503) 838-8465 | or e-mail: