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Biology Faculty and Staff

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Specialty, Advising, Research, and Contact Information

Michael Baltzley, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Specialties: Cell Biology, Comparative Anatomy and Physiology, Neurobiology
Advises: Pre-Medicine
Office:NS 219; Email:; Phone: (503) 838-8832

Erin Baumgartner, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Department Head, Biology
Specialties: Science Education, Fish Biology, Behavioral Ecology
Advises: General Biology Emphasis, Zoology Emphasis, Elementary and Secondary Education in Biology
Office: NS 117; Email:; Phone: (503) 838-8348

Lindsay Biga, Ph.D., Non Tenure Track Assistant Professor
Specialties: Amphibian Population Ecology, Conservation Biology, Aquatic Toxicology
Office: NS 118; Email:; Phone: (503) 838-8491

Karen Bledsoe, Ph.D., Non Tenure Track Assistant Professor
Specialties: Plant Systematics & Ecology, Science Education, Adult Learning in Science, K12-University Outreach, Teacher Professional Development
Office: NS 220; Email:; Phone: (503) 838-8036

Sarah Boomer, Ph.D., Professor
Specialties: Microbiology
Advises: Pre-Dental, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Molecular/Cell Emphasis
Office: NS 221; Email:; Phone: (503) 838-8209

James Dawson, Non Tenure Track Instructor
Office: NS 002; Email:; Phone: (503) 838-9225

Bryan Dutton, Ph.D., Professor
Specialties: Plant Systematics, Evolution
Advises: Botany Emphasis, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Optometry
Office: NS 021C; Email:; Phone: (503) 838-8452

Karen Haberman, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Specialties: Invertebrate Zoology, Marine Biology, Aquatic Ecology
Advises: Pre-Medical Technician/Laboratory Science, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Ecology Emphasis, General Biology Emphasis, Zoology Emphasis
Office: NS 001; Email:; Phone: (503) 838-8478

Amy Harwell, Ph.D., Non Tenure Track Assistant Professor
Office: DFSC 118; Email:; Phone: (503) 838-8891

Ava Howard, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Specialties: Plant Physiology, Plant Ecology
Advises: Botany Emphasis, Ecology Emphasis, Pre-Physician Assistant
Office: NS 120; Email:; Phone: (503)838-8702

Kristin Latham, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Specialties: Genetics, Developmental Biology, Molecular Biology
Advises: Pre-Pharmacy, Molecular/Cell Emphasis
Office: NS 223; Email:; Phone: (503) 838-8868

Michael LeMaster, Ph.D., Professor
Specialties: Vertebrate Anatomy and Physiology, Chemical Ecology, Endocrinology
Advises: Pre-Nursing
Office:DFSC 115; Email:; Phone: (503) 838-8136

Scott Macdonald, Non Tenure Track Instructor
Specialties: Human Anatomy and Physiology
Office: DFSC 117; Email:; Phone: (503) 838-8337

Jeffrey Snyder, Ph.D., Non Tenure Track Assistant Professor
Specialties: Ecology, Environmental History, Avian Ecology, Endangered Species Conservation & Restoration
Office: NS 222; Email:; Phone: (503) 838-8224


Piper Mueller-Warrant, B.S., Biology Lab Preparator
Biology 200 Series, Biology Department Laboratory Coordination
Office: NS 121; Email:; Phone: (503) 838-8859

Julie Grammer, B.S., Biology/Earth Science Lab Preparator
Biology 100 Series Laboratory Preparator
Office: NS 118; Email:; Phone:(503) 838-8877

Emeritus Faculty

Irja Galvan, Ph.D.
J. Morris Johnson, Ph.D.
David McCorkle, Ph.D.
Lowell Spring, Ph.D.
Robert Turner, Ph.D.


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