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Biology Department

About the Department

Our Mission:

    The Biology Department prepares students for careers in biology and science education, and admission to graduate and professional schools in the life and health sciences. We also promote the understanding of biology as an essential part of a liberal arts education and of global citizenship.

Learning Outcomes for Our Students:

    1. Understand key concepts from the many disciplines within the biological sciences.
    2. Engage in laboratory experimentation, data analysis and interpretation, and critical thinking at all course levels.
    3. Have opportunities to augment their coursework experiences with advanced studies and research within areas of particular interest.

Biology 211 "Microscopes and Cells" lab, Fall 2001 Lab Section

The Biology Department program fulfills its mission by providing students with foundation courses that present major concepts in biology and provide opportunities for science and non-science majors to experience laboratory experimentation.  We are concerned that all students become comfortable with quantitative data analysis, interpretation of observations, and the evaluation and application of new information.  We facilitate the mastering of advanced majors concepts and methods through specialized courses that involve research - whether in terms of analyzing and understanding current literature in particular sub-disciplines or participating hands-on in original faculty-driven projects.

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