Welcome to WOU’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences!

As the incoming Dean, I am excited to become part of WOU’s community and to join an outstanding team of people who are here to help you build bridges to an exciting, productive, and meaningful future.

Our outstanding degree programs in creative arts, humanities, and natural, social and behavioral sciences, along with business, computer science and gerontology, will prepare you for numerous careers.  At WOU, you will develop the key attributes of a liberal education: critical and creative thinking, inquiry and analysis, clear and fluent written and spoken communication, effective teamwork, and ethical consideration and judgment. These qualities are not only valued and sought after by employers, they are vital to our diverse and rapidly changing 21st-century communities.

Here you will learn how to identify problems or gaps in our present state of knowledge and seek innovative solutions. For instance, you can tackle a difficult text or concept, draw out and apply its insights to real-world situations. You can rise to the challenge of capturing a compelling ideas through movement, music, or visual form. You can engage in scientific research and explore innovative solutions to complex business problems. You can apply all that you learn in school to the real world through service learning, internships, and international studies. At WOU, curious people from many walks of life come together and learn from each other, in our classrooms, labs, library, studios, and theatres, as well as through serving WOU and our local community. WOU students learn not just from our faculty, but also from other students and peers from across Oregon, the U.S., and the world. Guided by learned professors who love what they do, you will be part of a learning community and an active participant in your own education.

WOU welcomes all students into our close-knit university community. Many of our students are the first in their families to attend college, carrying forward the hopes and dreams of their families. No matter what your background – traditional college student, first-generation student, veteran, international student, transfer or returning student – our faculty and staff are committed to working with you individually as you successfully complete your college degree.


Dr. Kathleen Cassity

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