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The flexibility of an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree allows you to take coursework from multiple departments.


Here's how it works.

You ...

... choose at least two areas of study and complete a minimum of 27 units in each

... complete a minimum of 48 upper division units within those focus areas

... complete any additional coursework needed to fulfill the university's general education requirements

... do not have to complete a minor, but can if it interests you

... may be able to use coursework taken at other colleges, as long as you take 45 units of coursework at WOU



Read the WOU Academic Course Catalog for more information on the courses and studies offered by the university.


Contact an academic advisor for Interdisciplinary Studies to begin planning your degree, call us at 503-838-8690.



See examples of specialized focus areas to get an idea of what an academic plan might look like.


Interdisciplinary Studies 503-838-8690 | or e-mail:
Location: Maaske 209