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Student Research

Advanced students in the Communication Studies program are invited by faculty to submit their research for presentation at the annual Northwest Communication Association (NWCA) conference. Papers are competitively selected through a blind review process. Unless otherwise noted, the following authors presented their papers at NWCA.


Curr, Rita. (2011). From Father to Self: Psychoanalysis of the Transformation of a 'Hero' in Ironman


Davis, William (2010). Bourgeoisie Hero versus the Uncomfortable Enemy of Poverty: Marxist Analysis Exposes The Secret Millionaire (Top Paper Award)


Lincicome, Stephanie (2010). Career, Caretaker, Captive: Gender Roles in The Men's Room.


McGowan, Justin (2010). The Influence of Fear: A Look into the Motivation of Fear within Public Service Announcements.


Pettyjohn, Tashia (2010). Restructuring the Hero Through Narrative: A Narrative Criticism of Dexter.


Alexander, Jesse (2008). Wrongful Convictions and False Justice: John Grisham's The Innocent Man


Flukinger, Kaleen (2008). The Conviction of Scott Lee Peterson: How the Media Influenced Attorney Mark Geragos' Opening Statement


Pettyjohn, Tashia (2008). Analyzing Vonnegut: A Bitter Pill of Advice for Educated America


Rockwell, Tiffany (2008). The Platinum Perfect Bride: Romantic Consumerism in Bridal Magazines


May, Gary (2007). What Would Jimmy Do? Carter's "A Message on Justice"


Bolen, Kathy (2007). Rosie the Riveter: The Metaphoric Messages


Setvin, Trevor (2007). Barbara Jordan: Interpretation of Articles of Impeachment


Wickham-Phelps, Ambyre (2007). An Exclusion of Me: A Study of Metaphor and Myth in Toni Morrison's Nobel Lecture (Top Paper Award).


Clarkson, Lee (2006). Super Size Me: Will Extreme Approach Spark Extreme Change?


Wells, Stacie (2006). Fostering Cultural Acceptance: A Narrative Criticism of Finding Forrester


Florence , Will (2006). The Rhetorical Power of Symbolism in Advertisements: Analyzing the Archaic Appeals of Dean Guitars. See the 2007 published essay in the Journal of the Northwest Communication Association


Austin, Maria (2006). Emmeline B. Wells: Revolutionary Woman of Words and Action


Florence, Will (2006). Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Legacy, the Universalization, and the Prize


Sharp, Steven (2005). Bush's Failure to Enact the Presidency


Estabrook, Robert (2005). The Man Who Would Have Been President: John Kerry's Concession at Fanuiel Hall


Vandehey, Regina (2005). What Does It Take to Be a Woman? A Feminist Analysis of Miss Congeniality


Beck, Ashley (2005). Women as Means to an End: A Feminist Analysis of two American Pie Movies


Richards, Jamie (2005). The Day Women Worldwide Took on the Patriarchy: An Analysis of Hillary Rodham Clinton's Speech to the World Women's Conference


Nelson, Maria (2005). Case Studies in Public Address: Barack Obama


Newell, Danielle (2005). Case Studies in Public Address: Hillary Rodham Clinton


Wells, Stacie (2005). Case Studies in Public Address: Sarah Brady


Coupens, Joel (2005). Case Studies in Public Address: Rachel Carson


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