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Prerequisites Business Major Business Minor

The BA/BS degrees are awarded to students who complete major requirements as listed below and a minor in a second academic area. (All university degrees require an overall of 62 upper-division hours.)


Admission to the Business major program is required for students seeking this degree. Typically, application for admission is made at the end of the student's sophomore year or the beginning of their junior year by completing a degree plan with the Division of Business and Economics office. Prior to admission to the program, students should have completed the following set of courses.


Prerequisite Courses for the Business Degree

WR 135 College Writing II 4
COM 111 Principles of Public Speaking 3
MTH 111* College Algebra 4
BA 240*

Quantitative Business Methods or
(MTH 241 Calculus for Social Science)


BA 243


Business Statistics or

(MTH 243 Introduction to Probability & Statistics)

CS 121* Computer Applications 2
BA 211 Financial Accounting 4
BA 213 Managerial Accounting 4
EC 201 Introduction to Microeconomics 4
EC 202 Introduction to Macroeconomics 4

* These courses will go towards fulfilling the 12 hour Mathematics/Computer Science requirement for the BS degree.


Additional information regarding these requirements can be obtained from the division. Limited courses taken at other institutions may be transferred to the program based on the course level and grade obtained.




Business Major


BA 211 Financial Accounting 4
BA 213 Managerial Accounting 4
BA 230 Intro to Business Law 3
BA 243 Business Statistics (or Mth 243) 4
BA 310 Principles of Marketing 3
BA 315 Financial Management 3
EC 318 Money and Banking 4
BA 325 Portfolio Management 3
BA 361 Organizational Behavior 3
BA 362 Business Ethics 3
BA 367 Regression Analysis 3
BA 368 Intro to Operations Research 3
BA 411 Marketing Strategy 3
BA 490 Operations Management 3
BA 491 Strategic Management 3
  Upper-division credits in Focus 24
  Total Hours in Major 73

1. All university degrees require a minimum of 6 hours in courses designated as Writing Intensive.

2. The BS degree also requires 6 hours in courses designated as Diversity intensive. For Business majors, these 6 hours can be from any courses identified with the D designation in the Catalog. Business majors should note that BA 361 and EC 202, which are required for all Business majors, have the D designation. Other Business/Economics courses approved for diversity are BA 284, BA 370, BA 392, BA 484, EC 436, and EC 440.

3. The BA degree requires proficiency in a foreign language through the third term of the second year. Courses taken to fulfill this requirement can be used in a minor or as free electives.








Business Minor


BA 211 Financial Accounting 4
BA 310 Principles of Marketing 3
BA 315 Financial Management 3
BA 361 Organizational Behavior 3
BA 370 Business and Society 3
  Upper Division (300 or 400 level) Electives in Business,  
       Economics, or Entrepreneurship 6
  Total Hours in Minor 22



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