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Welcome to the NEW Behavioral Sciences Division.

Information on Applying for a Psychology Major



In order to become a Psychology Major, you must apply directly to the Psychology Division. Just declaring a major with the Registrar is not sufficient to become a Psychology Major. Because this major is in such high demand, the Psychology Division has chosen to initiate a procedure which accepts only eligible students into the major. Please read the requirements for eligibility below. If you meet those requirements, click on the Application Form choice below to print out the form. Then follow the instructions on the form to apply to become a Psychology Major.



Procedures for Admission to the Psychology Major

Formal admission is required for all students seeking the BA/BS degree in Psychology. Procedures for admission are described below.


Students apply for admission to the psychology major at the end of their Freshman year. Transfer students apply upon admission to the University. Prior to application for admission to the psychology major, applicants must complete the Psy 201, 202, 301W sequence or its equivalent and achieve Sophomore standing (45 or more credit hours). Students will be admitted to the psychology major who meet the following criteria:


  1. GPA of 2.67 in all psychology courses completed
  2. Cumulative GPA of 2.50 for all college work


If you meet the above criteria, please fill out an Application Form and give it to the Psychology Office room 325 of Todd Hall.


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Probationary Admission


Students whose psychology GPA is below 2.67, or whose overall GPA is below 2.5 may petition for probationary admission to the Psychology Major. Probationary admission must be approved by an advisor.

In order to be removed from probation, the student must earn a B- or better in three courses taken from the list below, starting with the current quarter. Students can take up to five courses from this list. Students who take the five courses and do not have three grades of B- or better will not be allowed to be psychology majors. These students may wish to use their course work in a psychology minor.


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Acceptable courses to terminate probationary status

Psy 311 Developmental Psychology


Psy 334D Social Psychology


Psy 349 Introduction to Behavior


Psy 360 Cognitive Psychology


Psy 373 Sensation & Perception


Psy 390 Theories of Learning


Psy 398 Professional Issues in Psychology


Psy 415/515 Psychology of Sports


Psy 426 History of Psychology


Psy 435/535 Theories of Personality


Psy 437/537 Advanced Social Psychology


Psy 445/545 Organizational Psychology


Psy 446 Psychology of Leadership


Psy 447 Intro to Organizational Development



Psy 448 Topics in Organizational Psychology


Psy 450/550 Abnormal Psychology


Psy 451/551 Biopsychology


Psy 463/563  Maladjusted Child


Psy 465/565 Motivation


Psy 467Q Quantitative Methods


Psy 468QW Research Methods in Psychology


Psy 472/572 Psychological Assessment


Psy 480/580 Infancy and Childhood


Psy 482/582 Adolescence


Psy 483/583 Adulthood and Aging


Psy 484/584 Death, Dying and Grief


Psy 487/587 Cross-Cultural Development


Psy 488/588 Theories of Development


Psy 492/592 Psychology of Women

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Academic advising

Temporary advisors will be assigned to students prior to their admission to the degree program. Please visit the Academic Advising and Learning Center for more information and to complete a Change of Major/Advisor form. Your permanent psychology major advisor will be assigned to you upon admission to the program.


See the advising page for some more useful information.


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