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Welcome to the NEW Behavioral Sciences Division.

Advising Information for Psychology Majors



Watch this new informational video about the Psychology Major!







Additional Advising Information

Here is some advice for students contemplating a Psychology Major. For each year of a four year degree program, certain activities are recommended. Online resources for some of these suggestions are also listed. Click on the underlined items to see further information. This page does NOT replace face-to-face contact with a Psychology Advisor.



Get a Psychology Faculty Advisor

Look at the description of the Psychology Major Start taking the Introductory Psychology Course Sequence:


Apply for Psychology Major

Complete the 300 level Psychology Major Core Courses Choose an area of emphasis to study

Complete a Program Contract Form with your Advisor


Choose a Minor (talk to your Psychology Advisor for ideas)


Join Psychology Club



Complete the 400 level Psychology Core Courses

Concentrate on 400 level Psychology Electives Check out graduate schools or career ideas Get involved in research projects Join Psi Chi

Apply for WOU graduation: Refer to Advisor



Look for job or apply for graduate school

Get letters of recommendation: Refer to Advisor

Get a Practicum or Internship



E-mail your advisor about what job or graduate study you are doing.




Psychological Sciences (503) 838-8344 | or e-mail: