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Behavioral Sciences Division

Welcome to the new Gerontology Department!

Western Oregon University has developed the state's first Gerontology Major and the first Gerontology Minor. These cutting edge programs were designed to give people the skills and expertise to work in the myriad of fields that help older adults and their families. These programs also can help students prepare themselves for master and doctoral level programs. We have hired some of the nation's leading experts in gerontology.


The new Gerontology major consists of 58 credit hours of coursework. For more information about this major, read the Gerontology Brochure.


Please contact Dr. Margaret Manoogian, Dr. Rob Winningham or Dr. Tamina Toray, to have any questions answered or to discuss whether this program is right for you. Their contact information is as follows:

Dr. Manoogian,, 503-751-4201

Dr. Winningham,, 503-838-8297

Dr. Toray,, 503-838-8712


Check out the new programs:

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Gerontology Publications & Presentations


Conferences & Dates


WOUGSA ~ Western Oregon University Gerontology Student Association


Faculty Directory


Behavioral Sciences Division Chair:

Dr. Chehalis Strapp


(503) 838-8316


Gerontology Department Head:
Dr. Margaret Manoogian


(503) 751-4201


Gerontology Faculty Member:

Dr. Tamina Toray
(503) 838-8712

Division Administrative Assistant:
Linda Kunze
(503) 838-8344


Gerontology (503) 838-8344 | or e-mail:
Location: Todd Hall 325