An IDS degree is a good choice if:

  • you are undecided and still considering your choices of major
  • your chosen career path doesn’t fit into just one area of study
  • you are a transfer or returning student with multiple transcripts
  • you have completed some major requirements and are considering making a change


to Interdisciplinary Studies

Think big,

Go broad,

Build your own road



Develop your own DEGREE and Achieve your GOALS

  • With the help of an academic advisor, you may develop your own degree plan with flexibility to match specific areas of interest, career goals and.or future graduate studies


Interdisciplinary Studies:

** July 5, 2017**

Program is in the midst of changing advising support, faculty advisor information will be coming soon.

Please contact Susan Griffin
Phone: 503-838-8226 I Email:





Inderdisciplinary Studies

Susan Griffin

503-838-8226 | or e-mail: