An IDS degree is a good choice if:

  • you are undecided and still considering your choices of major
  • your chosen career path doesn’t fit into just one area of study
  • you are a transfer or returning student with multiple transcripts
  • you have completed some major requirements and are considering making a change


to Interdisciplinary Studies

Think big,

Go broad,

Build your own road



Develop your own DEGREE and Achieve your GOALS

With the help of an academic advisor, you may develop your own degree plan with flexibility to match specific areas of interest, career goals and.or future graduate studies

Step 1: Please contact Susan Griffin    Phone: 503-838-8226 I Email:

Step 2: You will be assigned a faculty advisor

Interdisciplinary Studies Advising faculty:

Dr. Bob Hautula

Dr. Ryan Hickerson

Dr. Shaun Huston

Dr. Sriram Khe'

Dr. Marjory Lange

Dr. Sue Monahan

Dr. Jeff Myers







Inderdisciplinary Studies

Susan Griffin

503-838-8226 | or e-mail: