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Mission & Goals

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University Housing & Campus Dining


The Office of University Housing and Campus Dining is dedicated to excellence by cultivating a healthy, supportive, inclusive and sustainable living-learning experience.



We aspire to be the preferred choice of housing and dining for all students attending Western Oregon University. We will achieve this vision by empowering our residents to: 

  • Adapt to an evolving society
  • Grow personally and academically
  • Make decisions ethically and intentionally
  • Recognize their impact as inclusive and responsible global citizens


University Housing supports this mission through the emphasis of our core values:

    Community is where individuals develop relationships and each member feels valued and included in an environment that is safe to share ideas, thoughts, and common goals.

    Communication is a process utilizing verbal methods, non-verbal methods, and active listening techniques in which participants impart information, ideas, and thoughts as well as create and share meaning.


    Inclusion is understanding, valuing, and actively engaging differences in views, approaches, styles, and aspects of individuality (e.g. gender, culture, sexuality, race, socioeconomic status, etc.) that add multiple perspectives to a group’s activity. (Based on Exploring Leadership, by Komives, et. al.)


    Learning is the enduring passion and ability for self-discovery and the acquisition of new skills and knowledge through experience, study, and dialogue.


    Support is offering students the resources needed to succeed in and out of the classroom through student employment, leadership opportunities, affordable living, community engagement, interaction with caring staff, and striving to meet personal needs.

    Sustainability is simultaneously meeting environmental, economic, and community needs by using, developing, and protecting resources at a rate and in a manner that enables us to meet current demands while ensuring that future generations can meet their needs.

    Wellness is intentionally creating opportunities for physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health and self-improvement through education and programming.


For more details on Western Oregon University’s Strategic Plan, and to see the University’s Strategic Plan Values and Priorities as we look ahead, please use the link below:



University Housing

(503) 838-8311 | or e-mail: housing@wou.edu  | Location: Ground floor of Ackerman Hall