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Calendars and Dates

Important Calendar and Dates 2018

You have been accepted to attend Western Oregon University, and submitted your housing application a couple of months ago. Check-in day is months away in September, and you are wondering . . . Shouldn’t I hear something?


No need to worry! Generally, once you have applied for housing, unless there is a problem with your application, you will only hear from University Housing about four times as follows in the months
leading up to check-in day. Remember to become familiar with and check your WOU Email (available on the WOU Portal) as we get closer to move-in day.

Questions?  Difficulties? – just contact University Housing

Moving Forward – Here is what you can expect to receive from University Housing from May to Move-In Day!


Within a week or two of receiving your housing application, we will send you a letter confirming that we have received it and that we will reserve a space for you to live on campus.


Routed in late May, this simple email is loaded with links. The Spring email packs a LOT of information in it – complete with links for you to access all kinds of information online from what to expect to insurance and computer information to leadership and employment opportunities on campus for the coming year. Check it out!



THE information that you anxiously await!

This email will direct you online to access placement and roommate information. (We can’t tell you if your new roommate(s) will be your BFF or not, but we CAN tell you how to get in touch with them!)

Housing Contracts will also be released at this time. You will need to read,  sign and date the contract and submit it to University Housing by the contract deadline – AUGUST 3, 2018 this year. NOTE:  This is a “soft” deadline. If you are unable to meet this deadline, you have until 5 pm August 10 to read and electronically submit your contract. Contracts NOT received by the August 10 deadline may be subject to cancellation of housing reservation.


Sent out in late August, this email is the final “official” correspondence from University Housing before move-in day. On-Campus addresses for the academic year are released, and last minute information regarding move-in day is passed along.


What ABOUT those important dates?

Beyond the correspondence outlined above, there will be timelines, due dates, event schedules and deadlines to manage leading up to your arrival on campus and throughout the academic year.
Grab your planner and utilize the links below to stay on top of your schedule. You will make your move-in flow smoothly and set yourself up for a successful academic year!

Use the links below to access the information that you will need to manage your time all year long.

ALL of the above leads up to . . .

Once you arrive on-campus there are all kinds of other dates that you will need to be aware of. For that you will need to access the HOUSING CALENDAR. The housing calendar is set up by term, if you don’t find a date you are looking for, please contact University Housing.



University Housing

(503) 838-8311 | or e-mail: housing@wou.edu  | Location: Ground floor of Ackerman Hall