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Valsetz Dining Hall

Valsetz Hours
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Valsetz Dining Hall is open to all!

Valsetz Dining Hall is located within the heart of the Residential Hall Complex located at the northern end of campus. Cash, Credit and Debit Transactions and all Meal Plans are all accepted. Valsetz is open for Service for the Academic Year. Please see the link to Campus Dining hours above for specifics.
Menu options at Valsetz Dining Hall are varied and include:

Homestyle Looking for “feel good” food? Come to Homestyle in Valsetz and you will find food to warm not only your stomach but your heart and soul as well.
centre_stageCentre Stage has it all! From hamburgers to grilled cheese to char broiled chicken breasts to chicken strips and fries.
Salad BarPriced by the pound and weighed at the register, you can prepare a side salad, or make a meal of it.
Deli and SoupHungry for a great sandwich? How about a steaming bowl of soup? Selections vary daily.

Wok and WaffleHere, YOU are the chef! Start your day off with a homemade belgian waffle that YOU make. When lunch or dinner rolls around, you can prepare your own plate of stir-fry.
valsetz _bakingGot a sweet tooth? Crave cookies or sweet cupcakes? At the Valsetz Baking Co. your sweet tooth will not go unsatisfied!
Carbo CentreIn between classes and searching for something to Grab and Go? Head for the Carbo Centre. It is well stocked with endless possibilities for busy lives on the run. If Valsetz is open – so is the Carbo Centre!

Want to add money to your residential meal plan? You have 3 options. $20 minimum:
  • 2. The WOU PORTAL
  • 3. CAMPUS DINING OFFICE - 503-838-8319
  • 4. UNIVERSITY HOUSING OFFICE - 503-838-8311
Add money to your account here with CASH OR CHECK ONLY.
Login to the WOU Portal. Look for the “Add Money to Meal Plan” link under the MY Programs section. Here you can charge a minimum of $20 and up to $100 to your Wolf Web account for food per term. Funds will be available for purchases within 15 minutes after the transaction is made online. Once your total charges online reach the $100 per term maximum, you will be unable to charge any more that term online until you pay for those charges. To pay off the charges, go to your Wolf Web account and pay online or go to the cashier’s office, located in the Administration building.
Located in the South Sister Annex, lower floor of the Valsetz Dining Hall. Add money to your account anytime 7:30 am – 4:00 pm, M-F. Check, Debit/Credit cards or exact cash are all accepted.
Located on the ground floor of Ackerman Hall. Add money to your account anytime 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, M-F. Check, Debit/Credit cards or exact cash are all accepted.

FOR WOLF BONUS ACCOUNTS: Please use option # 3 or 4 above.


For more information about how to check your Meal Plan Balance, Replace your Lost Student ID/Meal Card or to find out how to Change your Meal Plan – use the Meal Card Tips link below.




Campus Dining

(503) 838-9400 | or e-mail: dining@mail.wou.edu  | Location: South Sister Annex, Ground Floor - Valsetz Dining Hall