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Get Involved

Involvement Opportunities with Wellness Education

Looking for a way to get involved and make a difference in your community? Our center has some great options for students interested in helping the WOU community become a healthier, safer place for everyone. We also host interns and collaborate with class projects!

Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

SHAC is composed of students, faculty and staff that provide insight and provide guidance to the SHCC director regarding student needs and services. This board also addresses campus health concerns by evaluating campus policies and using health promotions to bring awareness about these concerns to the community of WOU.   For more information, contact our Director, Jaime Silva or SHAC co-chair. Staff co-chair: Craig Wimmer Email: wimmerc@wou.edu Director: Jaime Silva Email:silvaj@wou.edu


WOU Peer Mentors              

The WOU Peer Mentor Program works to help new students make a successful transition to college by offering personal support and campus resources. Mentors also provide wellness programming to the campus, and in their freshmen communities. The Peer Mentor office is located in the Residential Services Center, near the residence halls. Annual mentor selection occurs each winter term.  For more information about Peer Mentors, please contact Pam Medzegian at medzegip@wou.edu.




The WOU Green Dot program encourages students to learn the tools necessary to help themselves and their peers reduce violence in our campus community.   To learn more about how you can “live the Green Dot” at WOU, check out our website: www.wou.edu/greendot or Contact our Wellness Educator Department and WOU Green Dot coordinator, Craig Wimmer, at wimmerc@wou.edu