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Wellness Education

Wellness education

Prevention, Health Education, Wellness Promotion

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Financial, Environmental, Spiritual

Wellness Education provides the educational outreach and preventative care of the WOU community. Our goal is to provide students with various forms of information, resources, events, and education to make them aware of health issues pertinent to the college population. Throughout the year we will host programs, trainings, and promotions to address a variety of wellness topics. We offer online tools and resources, peer education programs and opportunities, and personalized wellness coaching.

Get Involved:

Peer Mentor Program

The WOU Peer Mentor Program provides wellness educational programming and peer support in the residence halls to first year students. This program was started in 2001 and focuses on helping students make a healthy transition to college. Throughout this leadership experience mentors learn to connect and support their peers and how to create educational events and programs, while learning about their personal strengths and leadership development.

Green Dot

Here at WOU, Green Dot is our community violence prevention program. Through programs, presentations, and trainings, our community members learn how to identify high risk behaviors and situations, and are given tools and skills so that they can intervene. Every moment matters, and it is all of our responsibility to look out and care for each other. Every time someone steps up, or checks in on a friend, or likes our Facebook page, another Green Dot is added to our campus map! Want to learn more, get trained, or get involved? Check out our Green Dot Page

Student Health Advisory Committee

SHAC is composed of students, faculty and staff that provide insight and provide guidance to the SHCC director regarding student needs and services. This board also addresses campus health concerns by evaluating campus policies and using health promotions to bring awareness about these concerns to the community of WOU.