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  • Hey grads, can you spot yourself? Thanks to President Fuller for taking these photos! #wougrad
  • Our graduating class by the numbers. So much achievement here! #wougrad
  • It's Commencement day! We're so proud of you all for making it to this huge milestone. Thank you for making us a part of your life and we can't wait to see what your future brings. #wougrad #howlaboutit
  • Caitlyn shares some great advice for future Wolves: Take advantage of the whole ‘starting over’ phase. This is the chance to challenge yourselves, explore your options, and prove to others what you all are capable of doing. It’s like getting a second chance at re-doing everything because you’re placed in a different environment in a different community with different people from different places from all around the world. Come to college with an open mind because you all get to learn more about yourselves and discover what your interests are. This is truly the time where you all want to thrive not just survive. #wougrad #howlaboutit
  • Coby tells us what it meant to attend college: What I love the most about WOU is the level of inclusivity and the support from professors/staff here. --- Most people might say that graduating from WOU was their biggest success. However, for me, attending WOU period was a huge achievement. As a boy from a small Hawaiian town that gets nothing but a bad reputation and making it to my dream college is a huge deal to me. A lot of Hawaii kids don’t get the opportunity to leave the work and spread their wings – I am beyond proud and happy that I achieved such a thing. #wougrad #howlaboutit
  • Ailyn talks about why she chose WOU: I chose WOU because I was initially interested in the Education program. I also liked the fact that the class sizes were small, and that WOU is geared to first-generation college students. Being from Hillsboro, I found that WOU was not too far from my family, but also far enough to focus on my school work. ---- I wish I knew more about all the possibilities within each major. I think as a first-generation student, it's really hard to explore majors because they don't sound like they can be applicable to jobs. But, the more I learned, the more I found my path. #wougrad #howlaboutit
  • Tiffany shares the impact of her involvement with PLUS Team: I wanted to be a PLUS Team Student Coordinator for a while and when I finally got the position, I was absolutely over the moon. It was and will be one of the greatest things that I have gotten to be apart of at WOU. PLUS Team was the first team that I was ever a part of and it seriously changed my life. The people, the growth, and the memories will always stay with me. #wougrad #howlaboutit
  • Rachelle shares why she loves WOU: I love how there are so many support systems for students here. There is a really big focus here on helping students to be as successful as possible, from the tutoring centers and scholarships to the professors. The amount of help I have gotten from WOU has been astounding and has been instrumental in my academic, financial, and career success. #wougrad #howlaboutit
  • Are you putting a motivational quote on your grad cap? Let us know what you chose. #wougrad
  • Daniel shares with us a lesson he learned in college: The most important lesson I learned about myself during my time in college was that through hard work I can achieve things that may not have seemed easy to achieve in the beginning. Through focused regular practice I was able to become the musician that I am today, and working as hard as I could in my classes, I was able to finally graduate college. #wougrad #howlaboutit
  • Ethan shares why he chose WOU: I chose WOU after listening to a presentation they gave to the Corvallis School District on their brand new eMAT program. It was truly everything I was looking for in a grad school program. Work would be mostly online, there were small class sizes, it would help me obtain my preliminary teaching license, and I would have the opportunity to work with many excellent professors. I truly felt like WOU would give me the opportunity to develop into a quality elementary school teacher. Within 24 hours of hearing the presentation, I had my application submitted and never looked back. It is one of the best decisions I have made in my lifetime. #wougrad #howlaboutit
  • Jaide gives some advice to future Wolves: My advice is to be open to all the experiences and possibilities out there. College is the time where you have all kinds of opportunities and experiences happen that you can grow and learn from. It is that transition from high school to adulthood that helps prepare you for the real world. I know it’s cliché to say it’s a journey but it really is, and it relies solely on how you make it. These next few years can be the best or worst years of your life but it’s truly up to you and how you decide to make it all. My advice is simple, continue to find yourself, be yourself, challenge yourself and grow yourself. Join all kinds of clubs/extracurricular activities, volunteer, meet new people, try new things and go find the best version of yourself or the great individual you know you can be. It’s always great to make friends but don’t feel that you have to change yourself to fit in, stay true to who you are, and never let anyone or experiences deter you from your goals; just be yourself. Go enroll in that class that everyone told you not to take but sounded interesting to you and challenge yourself. Be adventurous and unafraid to things outside of your norm, whether it’s trying new foods or getting involved in leadership opportunities on campus; grow yourself from every trial or tribulation and every success or accomplishment. Overall, just don’t forget to have fun, learn, be open, and grow! #wougrad #howlaboutit


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