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Your best preparation for the MAT Initial Licensure program:

To be admitted, you should already have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in desired content area
  • Teacher preparation test scores
  • Desire to teach middle/high school students

Steps in applying to MAT Initial Licensure program:

  1. Apply to be a WOU graduate student ($60 fee)
  2. Apply to MAT Initial Licensure program
  3. We will let you know via email about university acceptance within 30 days of your interview.

Ready to get started? Request more information or start the application process.

Deadlines and key dates:

Graduate students may apply to the program any term.

  • Apply directly to Graduate Programs within 30 days of the beginning of the term you plan to start.
  • Apply to the full-time on-campus MAT program by the following deadlines
    • Application packet due March 1, 2019 for June 2019 start
      • Interviews to be held March 14, 15, 18
        • Orientation for admitted students to be held April 12, 2019

Detailed application requirements:

  1. Apply for WOU Graduate Admission:
  • Complete WOU Application for Graduate Admission form: Submit this form to the Graduate Office, Administration Building Office 107. You must be admitted to the WOU Graduate School before being considered for admission to the Master of Science of Arts in Teaching program. Submit all WOU Graduate School application materials to the Graduate Office at least one week prior to the program admission deadline.
  • $60 application fee
  • Evidence of completion of a four-year baccalaureate degree (or international equivalent) from regionally accredited institution as defined by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars, with a cumulative B average (equivalent 3.00 on a U.S. 4.00 grading scale) on the most recent baccalaureate degree. If the applicant’s cumulative GPA is below 3.00, but a calculation using the last 90 quarter credits (60 semester credits) of graded course work is 3.0 or higher, the latter will be used as the basis for admission. Applicants who hold a master’s degree will have the 3.0 GPA requirement waived.
  • Applicants not meeting the minimum GPA requirement may be considered with a passing score on the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Minimum required score for the MAT: 395. Minimum required score for the GRE Verbal Reasoning: 148, Quantitative Reasoning: 147, Analytical Writing: 3.5
  1.  Apply for MAT Initial Licensure program admission:

Process: You will be notified via email regarding acceptance status within 30 days of receiving a complete application. A complete program application includes the components outlined below. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. You will be notified via email if you are missing any application components.

Admission to the graduate program adheres to the guidelines laid down for general admission to the Graduate Programs at WOU, along with the following steps of application (all forms require Adobe Reader™ to save and create your digital signature):

Please submit all MAT program application materials to Beth Jones, Program Support

Link to: Complete MAT application guide
Link to: Testing requirements

See the list below of pertinent sections of the MAT application guide to print and fill out, plus other necessary materials you need to submit. Please provide your materials in the following order (1 through 12) and clipped together:

All forms require Adobe Reader ™ to save and create your digital signature.

  1. MAT Application
  2. Transcript Review: to be done before the application deadline – contact Beth Jones ( or 503-838-8235) for more information
  3. Current resume
  4. MAT essays: One page double-spaced for each of the 3 questions. Questions can be found on the MAT application.
  5. 30 hours of Observation/Volunteer time. This should be in a classroom where your content area is being taught, however, other classroom experience will be accepted. Provide a letter from the teacher(s) or administrator you completed this time with. (Letter should be on school letterhead.)
  6. Two letters of recommendation verifying your success working with youth. Please submit in a sealed envelope with the rest of your application materials.
  7. Academic Program Recommendation form – Please submit in a sealed envelope with the rest of your application materials.
  8. Character questionnaire
  9. Read and sign the Professional Characteristics Demonstrated by the Master of Arts in Teaching Candidate form.
  10. Photocopy of Content Area passing scores(s).
  11. Photocopy of passing scores on ORELA Protecting Students and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment test
  12. School Placement Questionnaire. List schools and/or districts of preference as well as grade level and possible mentoring teacher if you have one in mind.
    • Note: On-campus interviews with qualified applicants are part of the application process in both the full-time and online programs.
  13. Hear back from us.
  14. Enroll in classes! (You will have to pay a one-time $300 matriculation fee at this point.)

All forms require Adobe Reader ™ to save and create your digital signature.



If you haven’t found the information you need or are still not sure where to direct your question, contact Dr. Melanie Landon-Hays- College of Education, Graduate Programs Coordinator, or 503-838-9223. If you have any questions, please contact us! If you are having difficulty deciding who to contact, please check out our Organizational Chart.